Get it? Cause it’s a pun on Tim Lincecum’s haircut.

You know baseball news is slow when Andrew Baggarly is reporting on the length of Tim Lincecum’s hair:

Andrew Baggarly Tim Lincecum Hair

About 2 weeks ago, a picture surfaced of a Tim Lincecum-looking person but with remarkably shorter hair:

Tim Lincecum short hair

Given how many hipster nerds with glasses there are roaming the streets and the questionable quality of the picture, we can’t be sure that this is indeed our beloved two-time Cy Young award winner. Then this picture appeared on the interwebs:

Tim Lincecum short hair glasses

From this photo, we can probably deduce a few things:

  • This is the same person as seen in the original picture – same hoodie, same hair, same glasses
  • Based on the quality of the photo, the photographer probably took this picture with a 1998 Motorola Razr
  • Despite the camera technology, the photographer is probably not Brian Sabean

Now with two photos floating out there, can we be sure that The Freak chopped off his luscious locks? Well … not so fast:

  • Does Tim Lincecum wear glasses? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear anything but sunglasses
  • Believe it or not, it’s actually pretty difficult to find pictures of Timmy with short hair WITHOUT a baseball cap or beanie on, even when you do this Google Image Search: “Tim Lincecum Short Hair No Hat.” HOWEVER, I was able to find this little number:

Tim Lincecum college

See how the hair stands up and isn’t styled in a nerdy semi bowlcut/mini pompadour? The styling in the new photos are really off from “Original Short Hair Timmy”

At first glance, I was absolutely convinced that the new pictures of Short Hair Timmy were in fact, Tim Lincecum. However, upon closer inspection (and after sobering up a little), I’m starting to think it was just some Silicon Valley nerdling who gets chicks by looking kinda-sorta like Tim Lincecum. It wouldn’t be the first time someone tried to profit from looking like the Giants’ two-time Cy Young winner.

In any case, I really like to bring the hard-hitting breaking news to you guys, so I’ve texted his high school friend who he hasn’t talked to in over five years with the pictures to confirm his identity. I’m sure we can trust that whatever he texts back will be accurate.

If that fails, I work with his third cousin, 17 times removed, so I will also bring this to his attention to try to get you an answer.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy this epic Tim Lincecum GIF: