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Tim Lincecum has thicker skin than Josh Beckett

Of course I was worried when Tim Lincecum was replaced with Joe Martinez to start the fourth. Lincecum’s production has seemed too good to be true from the very beginning of his Giants tenure, and any Giants fan would be lying if they told you they don’t hold onto the fear of losing Lincecum someplace in the back of their minds like a tax cheat fears that someday the IRS will come calling.

I don’t even remember where I heard Lincecum may have had a blister on his pitching hand. It could have been on KNBR, or a comment on McCovey Chronicles, or maybe it was some voice in the back of my head. A blister? No! Constant blister problems were the reason why Josh Beckett didn’t make 30 starts in a season until his fifth year!

Luckily, according to Henry Schulman’s blog Lincecum is totally healthy. No blisters, no hangnails, and his hair showed no signs of wind-damage or split-ends (maybe that’s why he has the same number as Orel “I still use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, I swear” Hershiser). Bruce Bochy removed Lincecum after three high-stress innings (which weren’t helped a bit by Dana Demuth’s miniscule strike zone) to keep Lincecum fresh, not because he’s headed to the disabled list.


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