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Lincecum wasn’t the only one walking

For some reason, I ended up walking all the way from my house to the Giants game last night. I didn’t plan to, I only wanted to walk a mile and a half so I could hit up the bank on my way to Mays Field, then catch a Muni. Next thing I knew, I was on Second and Harrison, and almost done with the four-plus mile trip. No public transit for me, just my orange and black Sauconys.

I wasn’t the only thing walking. Tim Lincecum walked 5 Rockies in 4.1 innings, and even picked up a couple walks off Ubaldo Jiminez at the plate. Also walking? Lincecum’s Cy Young chances, which walked off the field, out the exit, past the Willie Mays statue and about 750 miles to the southeast.

Lincecum pitched his worst game of the year, which definitely put a damper on what will probably be the last Giants game I attend this year, unless I somehow get tickets to either the Saturday or Sunday game against the Dodgers. I’m worried that Lincecum’s consecutive complete games might have had something to do with his mediocre outing last night, which is especially unfortunate since he was probably stretched out the way he was (138 pitches in San Diego, 118 pitches in eight innings at Arizona) to improve his Cy Young resume. We can’t change that the Giants went against their philosophy of protecting Lincecum in order to help his chances of winning an award, just so Renel Brooks-Moon can mention it 485 times next year. Now it looks like the best case scenario is that Lincecum’s tired, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he misses his last scheduled start on Sunday.

Lincecum looked like the favorite to be the first Giant to win a Cy Young since Mike McCormick in 1967, now the only way he has a chance is if Webb’s last start is a train wreck (we’re talking 1.2 innings, 10 ER) AND Lincecum pitches a no-hitter. Anything less and a majority of the writers voting will look at the 22 or 23 wins for Webb versus 17 or 18 for Lincecum, which along with the fact that the D-backs have played in more important games than the Giants this year by a wide margin will lead to an easy win for Webb.

Is it fair? No, because Lincecum has been the hardest starter for Major Leaguers to hit all season. Still, the argument that it was important for the Giants to do whatever they could to get Lincecum the Cy Young doesn’t hold water. If Lincecum doesn’t have a year worthy of Cy Young talk throughout the rest of his career, the Giants will have bigger problems than Lincecum coming in second or third in the voting in 2008.

And to look on the bright side, at least Lincecum won’t cost quite as much when it comes time to sign him to the huge extension he’s going to get sometime in the next three or four years. Look at Barry Zito, he parlayed his Cy Young from 2002 into the infamous contract he has now. And if the Giants don’t come to Lincecum in a few years from now with a contract that dwarves Mr. True Religion’s, the best pitcher the Giants have had since Juan Marichal is going to walk away.

A moped? Really Monta?

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