Filling in for Steve as he covers the Warriors – I’m a poor replacement, I know. But if you keep reading, I promise to give you GIFs.

Every Tim Lincecum start seems to have a level of anticipation now. What will we get? Big Time Timmy Jim? Or the Timmy who has no control over his fastball and location and gets knocked around?

Today we got a little bit of both.

There were moments when Lincecum completely missed on location and seemed to have issues with his fastball command. But with the exception of a small handful of at-bats towards the beginning of the game, Lincecum looked absolutely masterful. He got Chris Denorfia to whiff on a nasty pitch which added to his total of nine strikeouts (most of which were swings and misses) in seven innings.

But at the end of the day, Timmy did not take home a win. Not because of his pitching, but because the Giants couldn’t make the bats come alive today. There were signs of life in the ninth inning when Buster Posey singled to start a mini-rally that continued with Belt’s second hit of the game, but ultimately the Giants couldn’t make the comeback magic happen at Petco Park.



All in all, Tim Lincecum looks like he MAY be returning to form – he seemed sharp and even a little more purposeful, even when he wasn’t making the right pitches.

Any predictions on Timmy’s next start?