No Hitter Video Montage Featured ImageIt’s been less than a week since Tim Lincecum threw his no hitter and I’ve literally thought about it every day. I’ve been watching any footage I could find on the event – which was basically just a million clips of Buster Posey hugging Tim Lincecum from different angles (no complaints here) (#BusterHugs).

For me, Tim Lincecum has always been such a special story. He brought us past the Bonds Era and into a new one — one full of hopes, championship wishes, and Cy Young awards. His last two season have been a struggle to watch. A former ace that was put into the bullpen for the postseason (even though he was electric) and a sky-high ERA spurred fans and experts to urge trading the Freak — so much so that I had begun to accept the fact I would have to bid farewell to Timmy at the end of the season.

I think that’s why his no-hitter meant more to me than Matt Cain’s perfect game. Sure, by definition a perfect game is more unique. But watching Lincecum literally reinvent himself before our eyes last Saturday night was incredible.

It’s no secret I enjoy making music videos, but I wanted this one to be different than say, a Bochy Slow Jams. I’ve been a fan of Timmy’s selection of warm-up songs since he came up in the bigs and wanted to merge his 27 outs with the perfect music. My first inclination was to use “Electric Feel,” which was his song at the most dominant point of his career but after setting the clips to that tune, I realized it wasn’t quite right.

I decided to go with “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons, a song he used for a few weeks in this current season. The lyrics are poignant and ironically describe his journey this year perfectly. I don’t want to hype it too much or ruin it, so I’ll just let you check it and hopefully you’ll think I made the right choice.

PS. I also had to watch this multiple times in the editing process and I think I’m severally dehydrated now from all the feelings I had. I guess if you have to pass eye-water, a Tim Lincecum No Hitter with Buster Hugs is the way to go.