A few months ago, a blurry photo of Tim Lincecum (or a Tim Lincecum lookalike) surfaced and one of the hottest offseason debates was born: Did Timmy cut his hair? Players began to arrive in San Francisco today for Giants Media Day and, lo and behold, Tim Lincecum has officially cut his hair.

Tim Lincecum Short Hair

Photo by Bay Area Sports Guy

Not only that, he also said he added 8-10 lbs to his slim physique. Is this the start of a brand new Timmy? Question is – how will the Giants market this? Maybe Tim Lincecum Hair Shears, Combs or Hairbrushes?

Bay Area Sports Guy was at media day, and he shot this 20-second video of Lincecum explaining what led to the decision to cut his hair.

“Usually I take, like, six months in between each haircut just because I was lazy,” Lincecum said. “It’s kind of nice to have something to upkeep and just take care of yourself, I guess.”

Looking forward to seeing how adding lbs, a brand new coif, and another World Series win under his belt will affect Lincecum in 2013. Do I smell another Cy Young?