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Tired of Brett Favre? It’s going to get worse

Are you ready for a lot of Thomas Jones? How about Jerricho (Don’t call me “Crotchery”) Cotchery? Does listening to John Madden talk about the wisdom of signing Alan Faneca float your boat? Are you ready to hear the word “Mangenius” at least once a day?

Because that’s what’s coming, with the New York Jets finally ending the Brett Favre saga with a conditional draft pick. NBC probably wishes they could hand-select their Sunday Night game every week instead of just Weeks 11-17. Otherwise, they’d surely have moved Week 2Ã’s Patriots/Jets game to primetime instead of Steelers/Browns.

(Side note: Just wondering, but what is NBC thinking with their Sunday night game choices? Namely, three Chicago Bears games? I know Chicago’s a big city and all, and that the Bears have a pretty big following nationally, but they are going to suck next year, no matter how much Madden loves to say “Brian Urlacher.” Let’s just say you shouldn’t be surprised if Broncos/Jets replaces Bears/Vikings as the Sunday night game in Week 13).

Staying on the same subject of media coverage, was I the only person who watched the two-hour SportsCenter Favre-orgy after ESPN’s Michael Smith confirmed Mr. Gunslinger/Warrior was indeed traded to the Jets (although no mention on ESPN regarding Fox’s Jay Glazer, who apparently scooped Smith on the story)? ESPN scrambled to get all their NFL analysts on the phone, including Trent Dilfer and an extremely tired sounding Steve Young.

You knew the anchors had run out of things to say about an hour and a half in, when Stuart Scott started rambling about being backstage at the ESPYs with Favre and asking him how things were going. When Favre started to unload his emotional baggage about how draining the situation (that Favre created) was on the Gunslinger/Warrior and his family, Stuart told him, “Hey Brett, I’m not working tonight, let’s just enjoy ourselves.” Of course, Scott relayed this conversation on national television last night while DOING HIS JOB, but whatever.

I guess it’s my fault for watching that much SportsCenter “And in other news, the Tampa Bay Rays won on a walkoff homer. What does Brett Favre think about the Rays? Make sure to tune in tomorrow morning and watch Favre debate whether Tampa can win the AL East with Skip Bayless on ‘Cold Pizza!'”

You see, the worst thing about Favre getting traded to the Jets instead of the Buccaneers is that we’re not done hearing about No. 4 … every … damn … day. Let’s face it, Tampa Bay is barely even in the NFL, with the 2002 Bucs being maybe the least memorable Super Bowl champion in the history of the game (I’m not sure whether to blame their 0-14 season in 1976 and their run of futility up until Jon Gruden became their coach, or their “pewter” pants, which show more ass sweat than any piece of clothing besides light-colored running shorts).

If Favre got traded to the Bucs, it would be a big deal for about three days, then nonexistent except for when Tampa Bay played the Packers, the Bucs made the playoffs or if Jeff Garcia filmed a tearful Chris Crocker-esque YouTube video from under the covers where he screams for Favre, Gruden and Bucs fans to “Leave Jeffrey alone!”

Since Favre’s a New Yorker, now we’re going to hear about how a country boy adjusts to The Big Apple; how Favre and Tom Brady feel about competing against each other; if at the beginning of the year Joe Namath thinks the Jets’ offense is “struggling” if Madonna is showing up at Jets games to watch Favre, who’s now studying Kabbalah; etc. For those already tired of Favre, last night’s trade was bad news.

Feeling Linkish

Mike Bacsik, the pitcher who gave up No. 756 to Barry Bonds exactly one year ago today, has been stuck on the Nationals’ Triple-A team all year. Anybody else think Barry should float him some of that Greg Anderson money? (SF Gate)

Looks like Baron Davis bought a beard-trimmer with all that Clipper cash. (Fear the Beard)

Photoshop master Tony.psd is at it again, blessing us with a movie poster that should immediately lead to a buddy flick starring Andris Biedrins and Zarko Cabarkapa … has anybody watched Step Brothers, by the way? (Golden State of Mind)

If J.T. O’Sullivan starts the 49ers first preseason game against the Raiders and nobody watches it live (due to NFL blackout rules), will his first deflected pass make a sound? (Niners Nation)

Keiichi Yabu and Billy Sadler are back with the Giants, who made room by sending Osiris Matos back to Fresno and designating Sergio Romo for assignment. Romo did seem a little too happy to be with the big club to last very long. (The Olympian)

The latest way Olympians can get their performance enhancing drug-fix? Tattoos. Apparently getting drugs via tattoo needle can increase results while using less juice, helping athletes fly under the drug-testing radar. Before making jokes about how last year’s Warriors should never have run out of gas at the end of the season, it doesn’t say whether or not the drugs need to be mixed with ink during the tatting process. (SportsbyBrooks)

Tim Kawakami thinks the Jets acquiring Brett Favre could lead to Lane Kiffin getting fired in October. (Talking Points)

The Red Sox are trying to trade for Padres outfielder Brian Giles, a move that would probably decrease the number of walks given up by Giants pitchers by at least 20 the rest of this season. (ESPN)

The A’s reacted to all those pre-deadline trades by becoming the worst team in baseball (nine losses in a row and counting), but at least they have Brad Ziegler. Not only does he have the record for most scoreless innings to start a Major League career (currently at 34), but he’s to blogging as Kevin Frandsen is to being a guest on KNBR. Here’s Zieg’s latest entry. (Athletics Nation)


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