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TMZ defends initial report, questions Kaepernick’s denial, says Miami PD “backtracked”

No further details have been made public about what happened on April 1 between an unknown woman, Colin Kaepernick, Ricardo Lockette and Quinton Patton. However, we saw reactions today from Kaepernick, his agency, and of course TMZ, which has been criticized for the language they used when breaking the story — language they unapologetically stand by.

Kaepernick’s agency, XAM Sports, released the following statement:

“We stand by Colin 100 percent and are fully confident that the truth will be evident once the facts come to light regarding this matter. We thank you for supporting Colin.”

TMZ originally reported Kaepernick was “being investigated for a possible sexual assault at a hotel in Miami, Florida.”  After Kaepernick posted his three-part statement on Twitter, TMZ countered by questioning both Kaepernick and the Miami Police Department.

Kaepernick was not specific about what portion of our story he disputes.

As we reported, a law enforcement source at the Miami PD told us Kaepernick is a suspect in a sexual assault case.

The Miami PD also told USA Today he was a suspect in a sexual assault case — but then backtracked and said it was for a “suspicious incident.”

Here’s how Miami PD supposedly “backtracked”:

None of the players have been questioned, arrested or charged with any crime, Miami police spokesman Rene Pimental said Thursday.

“There’s no evidence of a crime or a sexual assault,” Pimental said. “This report is simply an incident report taken at the woman’s request. … there are no specific allegations of wrongdoing,”

The incident was initially reported by online celebrity news site TMZ as a sexual assault, but Pimental said the site “took the report out of context.”

But TMZ has remained undeterred, sticking with their “sexual assault” report despite Pimental’s statement. That includes a story from early Friday morning about Muscle Pharm, a company that Kaepernick endorses, sticking with their star athlete.

One of Colin Kaepernick’s biggest sponsors is standing behind the 49ers QB in the wake of a sexual assault investigation — telling TMZ Sports Colin DESERVES the benefit of the doubt.

We spoke to Brad Pyatt — founder and CEO of MusclePharm — who tells us he’s aware of the situation in Miami but says, “Colin’s been a standup athlete for us. I’d be shocked if this were true.”

Colin has been a spokesperson for the supplement company since March 2013 — and Brad says he has no plans to end their relationship.

Pyatt says he’ll continue to monitor the situation but strongly believes “We should let the judicial system take its course.”

Once again, TMZ provides a service of sorts (putting a story out there that has legs) while mucking it up with inaccurate and snarky language that makes us cringe. It’s too bad — as much as most rational people would love to ignore TMZ completely, they have a lot of sources and get a lot of things right. But due to their desire to be first — no matter the consequences — it’s impossible to determine what to believe whenever they report anything. TMZ also has no qualms with putting celebrities’ reputations through a wood-chipper, as Kaepernick knows all too well.

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The victim said Colin did not have sex with her and did not ASSAULT her, The police stated Colin did not do anything wrong and NO charges have been filed, so where is the story TMZ. SHAME ON TMZ, A BUNCH OF LOW LIFE MAGGOTS.


The face of a franchise? R U kidding me! He cant read defenses and now this? Bong hits? Ok I know its practically legal here, but he is supposed to lead this team? Hes not fit to lead anything!


A "backtrack" by the Miami PD is more than likely a simple correction or clarification of the facts of the situation. However, the Miami PD is A LOT more believable and credible than TMZ. As it stands, there is no sexual assault even alleged. So unless there is an official accusation by the woman, an admission of guilt by Kaep, Patton, or Lockette, or evidence a sexual assault took place, there is nothing and there won't be anything.

EDIT: am I the only one who is not suprised that this took place on April Fool's Day? Probably was some prank gone wrong.


It's probably easy for TMZ to hide behind the vague language of it being a "possible" sexual assault.  Plus it pushes the envelope, generates buzz, and gets people talking.  We all know how much the media loves to talk about Kaep and whatever supposed transgressions he's made.