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To cheer us up, the Warriors sign a flawed combo guard

The Warriors signing Jeremy Lin is a little bit like the Giants signing Shinjo. It makes more than a little sense for a Bay Area professional team to take fliers on Asian talent — however marginal — but you wish they’d throw in a Yao Ming or an Ichiro every now and then.

Sorry to be so cynical as to bring up race on the day of this monumental signing (a lack of available FA guards, C.J. Watson’s departure and the Warriors’ refusal to spend any more money surely have more to do with it than Lin’s ethnic heritage), but it’s impossible to ignore that the Warriors got more press coverage for signing an undrafted player than they did when they introduced the No. 6 pick overall. Part of that could be due to the fact he’s Asian-American, part of it could be because he’s local, and even a little bit because he played at Harvard. And undoubtedly all of this will lead to a few more tickets sold, a few more media passes issued, and another diversion to talk about while this team crashes into an 18-win fireball of a season. It’s the Warriors’ way.

And everyone’s drinking the Kool-Aid (or is it “purple drank”?), as if the Warriors were geniuses to sell their 2nd round pick and fill out their roster with a guy they probably would have rescued from D-League hell in a few months anyway. Lin ripped up the Summer League, and everyone knows how hard that is to do! He grew up around here! He went to Harvard and his first name doesn’t start with “De” or “Da,” so his “basketball IQ” must be off the charts!

Unfortunately, Lin’s a 6-3 guard who never had a AST/TO ratio of 2 or higher in the Ivy League, and although he had a good shooting percentage in his Jr. and Sr. seasons with the Crimson, the consensus is he needs a better jump shot, and he needs it now. But, he was featured in Sports Illustrated and gives the local scribes a nice feature story angle. This is a blatant PR stunt until proven otherwise, another reason why I’m shocked the Warriors didn’t snatch up Omar Samhan when they had the chance.

The Cohan Curse lives on…

— Larry Riley: “Welcome to the Warriors, David Lee! Lucky for you and Udoh, we now have spiffy splints adorned with the new logo! I wanted to give you a note from our training staff, who recommends ‘a strict bowling regimen.'”

— And if you believe that Lee will be fine in six weeks, won’t need surgery and will be there for the entirety of training camp, you’re a lot more optimistic than I am.

— Even if reports are correct and Lee’s finger dislocation won’t require surgery, don’t dislocations often recur? Can’t wait till he goes up for an offensive rebound and his middle finger gets caught in the net or Anderson Varejao’s hair.

— Here’s a real depressing story in the Awl about why Knicks fans should look forward to their LeBronless season. Hint: Anthony Randolph is heavily involved.

— So what’s the odds-on favorite for “Warriors lineup on the court together for the longest time during the 2010/11 season”? The Warriors hope its Curry/Monta/D. Wright/Lee/Biedrins. I’m guessing it’ll be Curry/Monta/Williams/D. Wright/Radmanovic.

— Brandan Wright is currently rubbing his shoulder tenderly as you finish reading this rosy little blog post. Oh well, at least there’s always the Draft Lottery in 10 months.

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