The rich hosts get richer. Yesterday the expanding CBS Sports Radio Network (which recently partnered with Cumulus) announced that Tom Tolbert would join their now four-man roster of media personalities who’ll start doing “CBS Sports Minute” commentaries starting on September 4.

Besides the previously-announced inclusion of CBS RADIO Sports WFAN-A/NEW YORK morning “BOOMER AND CARTON” co-host and CBS television’ “NFL TODAY” commentator BOOMER ESIASON, bestselling author JOHN FEINSTEIN, CBS SPORTS RADIO afternoon host and former ESPN RADIO host DOUG GOTTLIEB, and CUMULUS Sports KNBR-A/SAN FRANCISCO afternoon host and former NBA player TOM TOLBERT will deliver commentaries for the network.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide stations with such an exciting mix of talent who can deliver a unique and compelling take on the day in sports beyond just the scores,” said CBS RADIO SVP/Programming CHRIS OLIVIERO.  “From coast to coast, listeners will know CBS SPORTS RADIO is the place to turn to for the most insightful observations and analysis.”

Among the affiliates for the commentaries, besides WFAN and KNBR, are CBS RADIO Sports stations WSCR-A (670 THE SCORE)/CHICAGO, KRLD-F (105.3 THE FAN)/DALLAS, KILT-A (SPORTS RADIO 610)/HOUSTON, WJFK (106.7 THE FAN)/WASHINGTON, WIP-F/PHILADELPHIA, WBZ-F (98.5 THE SPORTS HUB)/BOSTON, and the soon-to-launch WZGC/ATLANTA.

Tolbert will continue hosting “The Mr. T Show” from 3-7 pm on KNBR, where he seems to be one of the favorites among the powers that be. Based on yesterday’s announcement, these “sports minutes” appear to be in the same vein as the “Ray Ratto Report” segments that run twice each weekday on KNBR.

Slightly off-topic, but…

Tolbert has shown the ability and/or desire to multitask in the past. Back in the early 2000s, Tolbert was an NBA analyst for ESPN, providing both color commentary during nationally televised games along with handling studio duties (where he displayed some of the most garish jackets seen on television since Wimp Sanderson coached at Alabama).

How much longer until Tolbert gets back into the national game? He has lived in the Bay Area for several years and probably isn’t a candidate to bolt for a job across the country — a la F.P. Santangelo — and the Warriors seem happy with Jim Barnett (who does yeoman’s work calling games for a perennial loser, as well as talking Bob Fitzgerald off the ledge whenever the officials call fouls on the Warriors).

Maybe this hypothetical national job wouldn’t be strictly as a basketball analyst, either. Tolbert, according to the going rumors, makes pretty good money at KNBR. However, with the Cumulus/CBS partnership meaning we’ll see more in terms of content sharing on KNBR over the coming months, does this new “sports minute” gig mean Tolbert’s potentially being considered/groomed for a national (syndicated) hosting job — one that would keep KNBR fans satisfied since this theoretical show would still be carried locally, but give Cumulus more bang for its buck? I’m just speculating, but I could see Tolbert in a Jim Rome-type role in the future … which would be interesting since Tolbert got his start in radio as a regular guest with the goateed one.