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Top 10 Bay Area Athletes Who Never Won A Championship

After watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals, it seems hard to imagine a world where the Miami Heat won’t be NBA champions by June 14, if not sooner. This also means Jason Kidd will probably end up joining John Stockton as one of the best point guards in history never to win a ring, since there’s going to be a lengthy lockout before the Heat go ahead and win a few more titles (barring injury to LeWyane). It’s not a catastrophe — Kidd’s made about $200 million in salary and endorsements over his career, he’s a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame, and along with Jim Jackson and Toni Braxton, started the wave of NBA love triangles that have been so expertly carried on by Tony Parker and countless others to this very day. He’s had a great career.

But unless a miracle happens in the next week and a half or so, Kidd’s going to enter this list, so let’s just include him anyway. Which list, headline ignorer? The top 10 Bay Area athletes to never win a title! What does “Bay Area athlete” mean? If you went to school around here at all, you’re in, and if you played as a professional here for the majority of your peak seasons, you’re in. It may not seem like you’d want to be on this list, but in the grand scheme of things whose career would you rather have, Jason Kidd’s or Adam Morrison‘s?

Top 10 Bay Area Athletes Who Never Won a Championship

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