As promised, I’m following up to my previous post of Top 10 Most Hilarious Giants GIFs – Regular Season Edition with the best postseason GIFs. I’m not entirely sure how the San Francisco Giants managed to pack so much hilarity into 16 postseason games, but somehow I have to break them up into two parts again. World Series + Parade/Aftermath to follow…

Considering how many low points there were to the NLDS and NLCS, it was nice to see the boys keeping their sense of humor through it all. Even when we were down 0-9 in Game 2 of the NLDS, the Ghost of Freddy Sanchez was able to make a memorable appearance. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself so let’s just get to the GIFs:

10. The Ghost of Freddy Sanchez

If Freddy Sanchez were a ghost, what would he look like? Well, wonder no more. He would be hiding eerily in the shadows behind Hunter Pence and Buster Posey, creeping everyone out.  Either way, this was an utterly epic moment and I expect to see a million “Ghost of Freddy Sanchez” costumes next year for Halloween. Don’t forget your shoulder sling!

9. Matt Cain becomes Hartley Cain

What happens when you try to take make Cain out of the game before he’s ready? He becomes Hartley Cain, tantrum and all. Tell me those two don’t look identical:

Love the adamant “NO!” Yup, that’s our ace.

8. Hunter Pence becomes the American Flag

I’m not sure if this is so much “hilarious” as it is uber creepy. But it DOES make me laugh before I fall asleep at night and have patriotic nightmares.

7a. Hunter Pence makes crazy faces while playing baseball (

When you think of GIFs, you think of Ryan Theriot and Hunter Pence — the latter because Pence makes such amazing faces. This has to be one of my favorites: a proud, crazy-eyed show-and-tell after he made a sensational catch in Gane 5 of the NLCS.

7b. Barry Zito shows his gratitude

Pence’s efforts did not go unnoticed – especially by Barry Zito. In fact, he was so relieved, he said “Oh! F*ck me!” Guess Yoga and Avocado Scrambles don’t make you THAT zen.

6. Romobomb – Postseason Celebration Style

Life just feels empty without Romobombs. This time the victim was Pablo Sandoval after clinching the NLCS. Subtle, yet awesome. The man’s got a gift.

5. Matt Cain tries to participate

Oh, Matt. You tried, but you didn’t quite get it right. You got the bow and arrow but what’s with the explosion at the end? Maybe next year, my friend.

4. Hunter Pence’s impromptu Gatorade commercial

What’s the best way to treat a leg cramp? Why, chugging Gatorade of course! I especially like how he pounds his chest while loping off like he’s the official greeter at Castle Frankenstein.

3a. Buster Posey laughs at the word “Balls”

Nice to see Buster Posey acting like a teenage boy when he can’t quite hold it together as Sergio Romo describes the Giants efforts as “Balls to the wall.” I could literally watch this one over and over again and never stop loving it.

3b. Buster Posey cares about journalism

Not only is Buster Posey Captain America’s understudy, but he also wants to make sure that the media captures every bit of hard-hitting journalism they can. In this GIF he ensures that the transcriber has accurately recorded the “Balls” comment by asking, “Did you get that?”

2a. Brian Wilson is Brian Wilson – Part 1

Brian Wilson’s dugout celebrations were absolutely epic this year – although not everyone thinks so. Matt Cain doesn’t look so thrilled to be the focus of Wilson’s celebration thrusts…

2b. Brian Wilson is Brian Wilson – Part 2 (via @natt0)

When the organ is jamming in the ballpark, Brian Wilson is playing the piano on Clay Hensley head. Courtesy of  @natt0 we get insight into what Hensley might look like if he was part of a turntable. Also, two more things: a) Clay Hensley doesn’t seem fazed by Wilson’s antics and b) Brian Wilson’s fingernails are legendary.

And for the #1 NLDS and NLCS GIF? We have a tie! Both of them are two-parters because it was way too difficult to choose a winner.

1a. Buster Posey is refused handshakes

“No one wants to shake the future MVP’s hand? But I hit a Grand Sl-… nevermind..”  After clinching the NLDS, no one would give Posey a congratulatory high five. Man, tough crowd. The effort was there though.

Did anyone else notice that Timmy was denied a fist bump by Buster? Well, it happened. It’s totally cause they hate each other. They are archenemies. PROOF THROUGH GIFs.

1b. Bruce Bochy – Manager of the Year

Maybe the reason Bochy didn’t win Manager of the Year because he’s bad at giving signs to the players? He’s like “Steal.. bunt…eh whatever ..” I mean, this DID happen during Game 1 of the NLDS when we were losing.

If it is possible for you to watch that GIF without laughing, I will give you as many high fives as you want. I’m not sure who to credit. It just appeared into my life as the most magical thing I’ve ever seen. It combines my love for Gangnam Style with the ridiculousness of Bruce Bochy’s run. God bless whoever made this.

And just because it’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m feeling charitable, here’s a bonus GIF for you. Warning – the image of this will be seared into your memory for all of time. Here is Ryan Theriot peeing at a urinal behind a Matt Cain postgame interview:

Hope you guys enjoyed this! More GIF compilations to come.