Anyone who knows me or is familiar with me on Twitter knows how much I enjoy animated GIFs.  I’m not sure what about animating short sports videos and putting it on a loop is so entertaining but the internet has spoken: People love it.

It’s only fitting that the first thing I write for BASG would be a piece on the 10 Top Most Hilarious GIFs. As I was looking through my GIFs from the season and scouring the Internet for funny moments, I realized there were so many I would need to do both a “Regular Season” edition and a “Postseason” edition.

So without further adieu, let’s get to it:

10.  Angel Pagan and Pablo Sandoval getting chased by the Pittsburgh Pirates mascots 

I have no idea why or how this happened but I love it. I also love how the Parrots are chasing the players according to size. The big one obviously gets to go after Pablo Sandoval.

9. The epitome of Hunter Pence defense:

Everyone knows Hunter Pence is weird. And everyone knows his defense is … all in. So bless his heart, but this “basketball dribble” move doesn’t work in defending against base hits. Good try though.  Also check out the Angel Pagan wall hug that occurs at the end of the GIF. Why? Who knows.

8. Hensley Bomb (via @gidget)

We do not see enough of Clay Hensley. And I’m not talking about his mound appearances. The guy’s got a wicked sense of humor and we see it here in his cameo during a Hunter Pence interview. Gotta give it to him, he’s either really good at the Bernie Lean or would be an ideal limbo partner. This is also one of those GIFs that really benefits from being on an infinite loop.

7. Gregor Blanco ruins a Brandon Crawford play

This one never fails to make me laugh. Guess Blanco couldn’t put on the brakes in time because you don’t get to see plays like this every day. The best part is how utterly exasperated Brandon Crawford looks at Blanco. And somehow from a side profile, Blanco manages to looks sheepish.

6. Amy G. gets Romobombed

I believe this was one of the first Romobombs we had the privilege of seeing and it was definitely my favorite. Extra crazy. Extra distracting for Amy G. All the makings of an excellent Romobomb.

5. Santiago Casilla’s first base hit

When I first saw Casilla stand in the batter’s box, I thought – no way. Nothing can ever be funnier than this. Nothing. And then…. He gets a base hit. And watching him running manically down the base paths, high knees and all .. and THEN overrunning the base and needing the assistance of Roberto Kelly to locate the bag? I am a goner.

4. Brandon Crawford gets ejected

Here’s some context ICYMI – Crawford had a would-be double taken away from him when the ump said he didn’t touch first base. On his next at bat, he stomped on the bag and asked the ump: “Did I touch it that time?” AMAZING.

Andrew Baggerly said it best on Twitter:

Or you can watch Crawford’s postgame reaction here.

3. Aubrey Huff discovers Theriot has Buns of Steel 

I never really understood the congratulatory butt pat and chalked it up to guys being guys. Aubrey Huff takes it to the next level in this GIF and learns the hard way that Ryan Theriot probably does a ton of squats. C’mon Theriot – we all know how fragile Huff is. Did you really have to put a roll of quarters in your back pocket? Theriot says he didn’t have anything in his back pocket and based on his non-reaction, he didn’t feel a thing. “I have a very high tolerance for pain, “ Theriot said.

2. Buster Posey doesn’t like the strike zone

We definitely don’t get to see Buster Posey react to things (both good and bad) as much as we would like. But he certainly could not hide his displeasure at a bad call. A genius fan (I can’t credit because I truly don’t know where this came from) created this amazing GIF. He’s a dead ringer for that lion.

1. Tim Lincecum amuses himself in the dugout

There are so many times where I wish I was a fly on the wall in the Giants dugout. This GIF gives you insight on some of the weirdo things that happen that we probably never get to see. Well deserving of the first place most hilarious regular season moment, Tim Lincecum feels the need to thrust sunflower seeds in the air all over his face. Could this have been postseason “Rally Throng” foreshadowing? We’ll never know.

After spending time looking at our awesomely weird and hilarious Giants moments, I realized that this team is REALLY funny. I’m not sure what other teams are like, but we are very blessed to be able to see stupid stuff like this every day. I may be using the word “blessed” liberally but I just feel so lucky to that we get great sports AND laughter at the expense of the Giants.

And just because it was impossible to whittle this list down, here’s a bonus regular season GIF, brought to you by @gidget. Buster Posey giving weird high five/fist bump hybrids:

And how about a contest? 

Name your favorite hilarious Giants GIF in the comments for a chance to win a free Large pizza (any toppings) from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria! I’ll randomly draw one of the names tomorrow — make sure you use a legit email address for a chance to win.