Yet again, I have the difficult task of trying to figure out the best GIFs from the postseason – this time from the World Series. You wouldn’t think a series that only lasted 4 games would have so many laughs, but it helps when the San Francisco Giants are involved.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been any new baseball in what feels like forever, so this list will have to hold you over until then. Ugh, how many days till pitchers and catchers report again?

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10. Tim Lincecum thrusts himself into the Dog Pile

Tim Lincecum has had some experience celebrating World Series wins (ahem, 2010) but he jumped into the dog pile like a Rookie … or a pro? You decide. Watch him launch himself into the dog pile from the lower right hand corner.

9. Giants have strange pre-game rituals

Players have got to do everything it takes to stay loose in a playoff game, including some really really weird things.

In the first GIF, Pablo stays game ready by swinging his arms around like it’s the trunk of an elephant and trying to slap their teammates with it. Whatever makes you hit 3 homeruns Pablo. I got your back.

In this scene, Tim Lincecum and Clay Hensley practice the important art of catching a glove on your head. Because you need to. To throw a mean two-seam fastball. Duh.

In this GIF, Tim Lincecum participates in yet another pre-game warm-up ritual by making one of his arms go limp and trying to smack Brian Wilson (weeps) by doing a really violent abdominal twist. It’s science. This stuff helps the pitchers stay sharp.

8. The Official Venezuelan Baseball Greeting

Am I behind the times or has this become an official thing? At Marco Scutaro’s first at bat, he tips his helmet to Anibal Sanchez (normal) and Sanchez … shows him the tip of his tongue (not normal). Cool. Noted.

7. Joaquin Arias is lovin’ life

Everyone loves a celebration GIF and this has to be one of my favorites. Joaquin Arias bouncing up and down with a huge grin as our World Series MVP gets demolished with a spray of champagne. Yes. Yes. A million times YES.

6. Prince Fielder has a temper tantrum

Well, I suppose if you’re really good at baseball, you’re not used to being called out at the plate. Well Prince, you PROBABLY shouldn’t have tried to score all the way from first given your … portliness. Either way, you DEFINITELY didn’t handle the call well. My favorite part was the crossing of the arms in indignation.

5. Ryan Theriot scores the winning run


Dude, who would have thought he would have scored the winning run? Not me. In fact, I had a good laugh when Bochy put him in as the DH. But I’m really glad he did. Not only because he scored the go ahead run, but because he had the most amazing reaction that was only made better by super slow motion high-def camera work.

4. Jeremy Affeldt is relieved

What does it look like when you almost give a home run in the 9th inning of a tied World Series game? THIS.

3. Delmon Young does not have an accurate throwing arm

Giants fans take note – the next time you’re complaining about our outfielders or how we shouldn’t bring Andres Torres or Cody Ross back, remember this GIF. Remember it forever. Worst. Throw. EVER. (Pitching equivalent of this throw an be found here)

2. Angel Pagan mocks Pablo Sandoval (via TiffLincecum)

One of my most favorite dugout moments ever. The best thing about this is that Angel Pagan makes duck face.

1. The Unflappable Justin Verlander

No can hit Justin Verlander. He is impossible to hit. You will die trying. Or … not? Sandoval certainly didn’t think so (actually, Barry Zito didn’t either) – the proof is in the two homeruns the Panda hit off of him. And Verlander’s reaction was absolutely priceless.

Hope you enjoyed that! If you have any other Top 10 lists you’d like to see, let me know. And just one bonus GIF from the World Series that may have flown under the radar…

Just a regular Hunter Pence clubhouse interview. Oh, except Brandon Belt doesn’t realize he is on camera wearing only a towel: