Last Friday’s game might have been just a meaningless exhibition, but it marked the Raiders’ first victory since December 16, 2012. It was also their first time winning a preseason opener since 2010 — a year they went 8-8. At this point, a victory is a victory is a victory. Plus, the game put on display great play from young, exciting players, like Brice Butler, Terrelle Pryor, Sio Moore, and a few others.

To commemorate the victory and the top plays from the game, below you’ll find GIFs of the Top-5 plays.

#5. Matt Flynn pass short left to Denarius Moore to OAK 39 for 17 yards 

This was Flynn’s longest pass of the day. He also completed eight yard passes to both Darren McFadden and Marcel Reece, but those aren’t as noteworthy as this one. If you’re wondering why, then consider that on those eight yard receptions, Reece gained eight yards after the catch while McFadden gained 13 (according to ProFootball Focus). So, yeah, a throw that gained 14 yards in the air is something to celebrate.


#4. Terrelle Pryor right guard to OAK 23 for 13 yards 

If this play didn’t excite you, I’m afraid you probably don’t have a pulse. Sure, it was one-play against Dallas’ second team defense. And, yeah, it was only a 13-yard gain. But those inconvenient facts aside, this demonstrated exactly the kind of electricity that Pryor can inject into an offense.


#3. Nick Stephens pass deep right INTERCEPTED by Usama Young at 50. Young to DAL 29 for 21 yards.

Stephens was awful, but the Raiders didn’t take advantage of awful very often last season. Oakland was 24th in interceptions in 2012, after having placed in the top-10 in the year prior. This play makes top-3 because of that fact.


#2. Tony Romo sacked at OAK 31 for -5 yards by Sio Moore.

Ignore the fact that Romo was in the pocket for 5.9 seconds. The Raiders are in desperate need of a pass rush after a season in which they ranked 31st in sacks. Moore’s presence will surely add to that. This sack should be the first of many.


#1. Matt McGloin pass deep right to Brice Butler for 30 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

I can’t remember seeing a better catch from a Raider. I’m overselling this, I know, but Butler is fully extended, and yet, somehow, he manages to hold onto this ball. While in the press box, I watch Jason Garrett roam the sideline, waiting for him to throw the challenge flag. I didn’t think it was a catch until I saw the replay. I don’t know if Butler makes the roster, but I also don’t know how he doesn’t with his blend of size, speed and hands.