Colin Kaepernick

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford takes crack-cocaine-pun-filled shots at Colin Kaepernick

fordGod bless Rob Ford. I mean, seriously, there are many reasons why I wish Chris Farley was still alive, not the least of which is because he would kill a Rob Ford impression on Saturday Night Live. Anyway, Toronto’s crack-smoking legislator was on a radio show in Washington D.C. called “Sports Junkies” Thursday morning giving out his weekly dose of gambling advice, and he had some truly choice words to describe Colin Kaepernick’s fate this weekend.

“He’s a good quarterback, don’t get me wrong but man, I think he’s a little bit arrogant,” Ford said, according to the Toronto Sun. “But hey, he might deserve to be arrogant.”

Ford continued after Kaepernick, this time with the kind of puns that you simply can’t make up, saying, “I think he’s going to get lit up this time when he tries to run.” Then, “He’s a great athlete but I think Seattle is going to light him up. They have a good defense… they might give him a rockin‘ pretty good.”

For those wondering — and I know you’re all very curious about Ford’s opinion of the NFL Playoffs — he’s picking the Denver Broncos to win it all. But while we all hope he’s wrong about the remaining games’ outcomes, we can also hope someone at KNBR is paying enough attention to line up Ford for an appearance with Radnich before the week is up.

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