I flipped on 95.7 FM “The Game” sometime around 11 o’clock this morning, and in doing so was reminded that today was the debut of “The Pulse,” the new 10-to-noon show hosted by Chris Townsend and Matt Steinmetz. While its title is pretty generic, my initial impression was that the show itself sounds fairly promising.

One of the show’s advantages — at least when it comes to attracting this matriarchal basement dweller — is it already brings familiarity to the table. Or kitchen counter in my case, since that’s where my combo mp3 dock/clock radio sits. I’ve heard Townsend on the radio since he did updates on KNBR. Steinmetz has done several radio appearances over the years, he’s on TV all the time, and I’ve come into contact with him quite a bit while covering Golden State Warriors-related happenings.

One of the complaints I’ve read several times from the commenters is that “The Game” covers the same teams KNBR talks about incessantly — the Giants and 49ers. During the 45 minutes or so I listened to of Townsend and Steinmetz, they talked mostly about the Giants and 49ers, with a little Raiders sprinkled in. But for all I know, they could’ve spent the entire first hour talking about the Warriors and the A’s.

Side note: when I turned on my radio this morning (for the first time since Thursday), it was on KNBR. Gary Radnich is back from vacation, meaning it was the first time in about a month that he and Larry Krueger had worked together. The subject: whether or not the Giants will reactivate Melky Cabrera in the postseason, once he has served his 50-game suspension. Krueger’s in favor of bringing Cabrera back, because he believes in second chances; Radnich thinks the Giants should kick Cabrera to the curb and doesn’t understand why they didn’t also sever ties with Guillermo Mota while Radnich was on vacation. I quickly changed stations, as I’ve already reached the point of extreme fatigue with “hypothetical playoff Melky,” which may cause problems since my writing focuses somewhat heavily on the Giants.

Back to putting our finger on the wrist of Bay Area sports, or something…

It was only half of the first show, and it’ll probably be at least another six months to a year before The Game reshuffles their lineup again … but the content I heard today on 95.7’s newest show was solid (I don’t really consider “The Wheelhouse with John Lund and Greg Papa” to be a new show, since they already worked together dozens of times over the past year). Sports-heavy, decent flow, differing opinions without trying too hard to create conflict for conflict’s sake. They didn’t take any callers that I heard, but that’s not always a bad thing (there’s a reason why @LOLKNBRCallers has collected over 2,000 followers in less than five months).

Now about that name … I know how since “The Game” has been accused of copying KNBR in certain ways, differentiating themselves by going with these sports talk radio buzzword titles can be tempting. Plus, show titles like these are commonly used in other markets. Nationally, Doug Gottlieb (who recently left ESPN for CBS Sports) used to do a show called “The Pulse” before it became “The Doug Gottlieb” show. However, “The Pulse” doesn’t tell you what this new show is all about (besides sports, duh) or set it apart from any other two-host show throughout the country.

Then again, the only idea I can come up with is calling the show “Towny and Steiny,” which is terrible. Or even worse, calling it “SteinyTown” and having “Won’t you take me to … STEINYTOWN??? Won’t you take me to … STEINYTOWN!!!” as the theme song. On a related note, there are several reasons why I’m not a program director.

So what do all the amateur program directors in BASG land think about this new show? You know where to deposit your cents in multiples of two…