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As if the 49ers-Saints week 12 matchup wasn’t spicy enough, New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Shanle jumped on Twitter today with some choice words for the team that knocked his own out of the 2011 playoffs.

First, a little background, in the form of Donte Whitner’s recent comments on the Saints’ bounty program:

“If you have the right type of guys in that room, you don’t have to set bounties or pay money for guys to play physical and play hard,” Whitner said. “It’s going to come naturally. That’s the type of guys we have on our defense.”

Shanle, a 9-year veteran linebacker for the Saints, apparently took offense to Whitner’s statements. Using TwitLonger, Shanle launched out in rebuttal:

“Donte Whitner: Good defenses don’t need bounties (broken link to a PFT story) guy needs to shut his mouth and mind his own business. Don’t remember them winning the superbowl. U still ringless. We got one and working on two now. Try to keep up”

49ers fans on Twitter were quick to express their displeasure with Shanle. Quite the shocking development, as fans generally are known to take such things in stride.

Shanle took time to respond to a few, mocking their follower numbers. Then he posted this reply (since deleted):

“@scottshanle: @ShittyComedian Most of people on Twitter weren’t even born the last time the 69ers won the Super Bowl”

Although a significant number of Twitter-bound 49ers fans could very well be 17 or under, I’m sure that’s largely false typecasting. And 69ers? Sounds like someone needs to brush up on their Gold Rush history. Wait … ohhhhhh, that’s what he meant! Very clever, Shanle. Very clever indeed.

He continued by posting a picture of himself holding a Lombardi Trophy, followed by a photo of his Super Bowl ring (while using said ring to accentuate his middle finger while giving the camera the bird).

After a little while Shanle decided 49ers fans had suffered enough, but not before leaving this parting shot:

Not sure why Shanle had to get the WHOLE state of California involved here. Giving the Raiders (Week 11) and Chargers (Week 5) reason to be mad?

Whatever the reason, let’s just let it roll off our backs. After all, he’s right – there are a few things he still needs to work on — like his coverage skills, for instance:

Two Saints doubled Davis, with linebacker Scott Shanle guarding underneath and safety Roman Harper playing over the top.

As soon as Davis cleared Shanle’s underneath coverage, Smith fired a pass directly at Harper, trusting Davis would get position on the safety and catch the pass.  It was a perfect pass and an outstanding catch by Davis, who collided with Harper at the goal line, falling in for the game winning touchdown.