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Warriors hold Wizards to 5.6% third quarter shooting, win by 31

On one hand, it’d be a shame to take these games for granted. The Warriors are going to win more than 60 of them, and they collected their 57th victory on Monday night. It was a 107-76 win over the Wizards, which would sound ridiculous except the Warriors have won so many games by margins that border on cartoonish that it’s almost impossible to avoid becoming jaded.

So let’s focus on what was unique about this particular rout. Well, maybe not exactly unique, but noteworthy. And that would be the defensive performance overall, and the individual efforts on that end from Andrew Bogut and Stephen Curry.

First Quarter

The Warriors started the game missing a bunch of shots they usually make, in the process allowing the Wizards to take their biggest lead of the game (10-3). Then Bogut blocked Marcin Gortat’s layup attempt that kicked off a 14-0 run for Golden State that was capped by two steals by Curry.

He jumped a passing lane Nene thought was safe, took the ball to the other end and nailed a three from the right wing. Less than a minute later he deflected another pass from Nene, then leaped out of bounds on the baseline and saved his own steal. Bogut would get the assist on a 16-foot jumper by Curry less than 20 seconds later to give the Warriors a 17-10 lead.

Golden State Warriors Bogut Curry Lee ThompsonThird Quarter

The Warriors kind of messed around offensively and let the Wizards stay in the game for the rest of the first half after all those unanswered points mentioned earlier. An average first half performance was soon forgotten, however, when Golden State held Washington to ONE FIELD GOAL IN THE THIRD QUARTER.

Bogut made two shots in that same quarter, just to provide an idea how ridiculous this was. Curry had some help since the Warriors switch so often, but he was the main reason why John Wall went 0-for-7 in the third quarter. Wall finished 4-for-16 for the game.

Gortat went 8-for-11 with 16 points and 11 rebounds the first time these two teams faced. Bogut contained Gortat this time around: 2-for-7, four points, seven rebounds. Bogut had a team-high 12 rebounds for the Warriors, who held a 62-38 edge in rebounding.

(And yeah, that picture isn’t from this season. But it’s a photo of the two players I wrote about that I took during a win over the Wizards, so GET OFF MY BACK. Ahem. Sorry, got a little too heated there. Trying to make up for the lack of passion we saw from Washington.)

Dub Steps

— The Warriors raised their point differential from 10.4 to 10.7 with this victory.

— They now have four wins by 30+ points. They have 15 wins by 20+.

— So much for my prediction that Curry would make an MVP-like statement by scoring 40+ points against the Wizards. I thought I was in good shape when he had 13 points in the first quarter (on five shot attempts), but he *only* ended up with 24. He might finished with a higher total if he and the rest of the starters played at all in the fourth quarter.

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— Brandon Rush made his first three-pointer since Nov. 28.

— It was fun hearing Rick Barry on the broadcast as the Warriors celebrated the franchise’s lone championship squad (1974-75). Back when I used to answer tech support calls in a cubicle (not as glamorous as it sounds), I’d spend most lunch breaks driving to Burger King, Wendy’s or the grocery store, then parking next to my office park and eating while listening to Barry’s show on KNBR. Man, my early 20s were lame. Anyway, Barry gets a lot of grief because he said “you people” a lot during his radio stint, but I learned a lot about basketball from the guy. Of course, the Warriors were awful back then and he spent just about every show campaigning to become the team’s next head coach, but that was part of the fun of listening to his show.

— The Warriors’ magic numbers …

  • Pacific Division: 1
  • Western Conference: 5
  • NBA’s best record: 9

That first one is kind of a given, but the last time they won the Pacific was 1975-76, when they finished with a franchise-high 59 wins. The Warriors can finish 3-9 and end up with 60 wins this season (for those who aren’t big fans of arithmetic).

— After going 1-for-18 in the third quarter, the Wizards shot a blistering 6-for-19 (31.6%) in the fourth quarter. The Wizards also played the night before, but very few people will allow the Warriors the same excuse if they lay an egg Tuesday night in Portland.

— Speaking of Portland, this is just sad. Your community is full of hipsters, artists and Blazers fans. No one could come up with a unique logo that doesn’t rip off the Warriors?

— Klay Thompson didn’t seem all that excited to be back.

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