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Warriors season ticket holders facing significant price increases

Oracle Arena Warriors win Game 3 vs Denver Nuggets

The Warriors have been advertising their “Season Ticket Priority Wait List” during games, complete with a hashtag: #2000STRONG. In a move that might allow some of the fans on the list to get seats, the team is asking current season ticket holders to pay more. A lot more.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hold my nose and embed this tweet right here:

Ugh, Darren Rovell. I know, I know. I promise I won’t starting posting bacon porn or complaints about the quality of Playboy Playmates on this site anytime soon (or ever). As tasteless as Rovell is, his tweet led me to do a little research, which subsequently led me to someone FAR more credible: Adam Lauridsen.

The Warriors are far from the only local team to take advantage of their team’s popularity. Since 2010, it’s become an annual tradition of sorts to see San Francisco Giants fans kvetching on Twitter about price hikes of 10% or higher.

The Warriors also followed the Giants’ lead on “dynamic pricing.” For example, here’s what it costs to buy individual seats to the two games at Oracle next week.

warriors dynamic pricing

For those worried about what a potential move to San Francisco (which has been delayed until 2018 at the earliest) could do to the atmosphere at Warriors games, we’ll probably get a sneak peak at what those changes could mean from a decibel-level and punctuality standpoint over the next few years in Oakland. Even with the team winning, price increases of 25% year over year will be too steep for some fans — let alone the 100% increase Rovell described.


The NBA is so overpriced.  I can't believe what you people pay to watch this stuff. I was given court side seats a few years ago, $250/per.  5th row on the angle next to the Dub's bench.  Nice seats, but $250/per??  ridiculous.

NBA ticket prices are obscene, and it takes a real dolt to shell out that kind of money. The quality of play isn't that good either. PT Barnum was right, there's one born every minute. 


The vast majority of price levels have doubled in price in two seasons, particularly the cheaper levels. Furthermore, the Warriors are attempting to price fix and create a monopoly by threatening to take season tickets away from anyone who lists or sells any of their tickets on any site other than their official exchange. This is also an attempt to price fix their tickets, as they have artificial price floors on their exchange so they can control how much you can or cannot sell tickets for. 

In other words, if you're a season ticket holder and you have tickets you can't use, you'd better hope they sell on the NBA ticket exchange (which generates minimal traffic and even fewer sales) or you'll be eating the money. Of course, the Warriors don't care. They already have your money. If you don't sell them, all they're out is the commission they would have received from the ticket exchange.

Obviously, all of this is of questionable legality. California has some very strict anti-monopoly and consumer protection laws. It's outrageous what the Warriors are trying to pull. Hopefully someone out there in need of a few bucks and a moral stand litigates this. 


Uh. 33% and 25% are both cute numbers. My tickets went up 40%. And for me to pay for all 16 games (realizing that they won't play 16 home games), I'd have to pay about double what I paid for the entire season for just those 16 games if I don't renew.


dynamic pricing might one of the worst things to happen to sports.


@RBRtweets @auburnreality @BASportsGuy  No way is Roaracle going to be "quiet." If you don't buy your tickets, others will. Mine are $12k for the season alone and if I don't reup at $14k for next year, there are dozens in line to take my seats.  

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