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Warriors select BASG to attend “Tweedia Day”

Does it count as speaking in the third person if I’m the one who wrote the headline? Because with the Warriors choosing me as one of the 10 “social media journalists” to get to attend Warriors Media Day, I need to worry about sounding like I’m big-time with all this access I’m getting.

I kid, but this really is cool, and extremely flattering. I found out I was chosen for this last night, but the Warriors wanted me to wait to blog/tweet anything until they made the formal announcement (which they did about two hours ago while I was in a work meeting). When I heard I got to go, I figured I’d be one of 25 or 30 journalists attending the event on Sept. 27 (Monday), not 10. Now it looks like we’ll get to rub shoulders with legit media types like Matt Steinmetz, Marcus Thompson II and Rusty Simmons, taking part in group interviews of every player.

(So send me questions you’d like me to ask if you’re so inclined; and sorry, I won’t be asking vitriolic management-bashing questions since the players won’t answer them and it would be a waste of time for everyone involved. I’m looking to ask players in-depth basketball stuff and what it’s like to live the life of a pro. Plus, if the Warriors and their new owners seem like they’re ready to turn the page — and reaching out to bloggers like me is certainly proof they are — I’m ready, too.)

Instead of stirring up stuff just to stir it up, my hope is to provide an inside look at what these media days really entail. Sure, we know that they take pictures and do interviews, but usually it’s a day that’s soon forgotten unless one of the players says something noteworthy (like Monta Ellis last year when he made his comments on sharing the backcourt with Stephen Curry). If players are joking around, taking trick shots, or stealing my phone and playing keep-away, you’ll hear about it.

And yes, I’ll be tweeting the whole time. Thank God I finally upgraded my phone from that old Cingular Nokia from 2004 to a Droid X (which is awesome, by the way … especially when iPhone fans see it and due to jealousy over not being able to actually make calls on their phone, make some sort of “man, that phone’s really BIG” kind of comment … haters). If Comcast will let me keep the Flip Cam I used at the Stanford game until Monday, I’ll use that to shoot video. If not, I’ll either buy a Flip Cam this weekend (tax deductions, FTW) or test out the Droid’s camcorder.

How about Twitter, huh? I have never been so wrong about anything in my life (other than every hairstyle, shirt and pair of jeans I wore between the years of 1987-93). I thought it was a fad, a waste of time, just a way to alert people about food you ate and naps taken. Instead I’ve connected with dozens (hundreds, really) of people I never would have. It’s been a huge boost to the blog’s traffic and visibility. It gave me access to Warriors Media Day, something I didn’t think would happen until next year, if not several years later. And, Twitter’s required reading for sports fans. Forget fads, it’s where every writer and fan with a voice is these days. Conversations, breaking news, hilarious pictures, new viewpoints — really, biting the bullet and joining Twitter was something I thought I’d never do, and now I can’t imagine my life without it.

However, I still refuse to call people on Twitter “tweeps.” A man’s got to have his principles.

The more you hang around media types and attend games/events, it isn’t just easy to get jaded, it’s almost expected and encouraged. However, I can’t help but really look forward to seeing what this whole shindig’s going to be like. I’ve had similar experiences covering video game events, interviewing (name-drop alert) Shaun White, Tim Lincecum, Kevin Love, Andre Iguodala and Dustin Pedroia (by far the best interview subject I’ve ever dealt with). But this will be different. For one thing, I’ve never interviewed a Warrior before. Even better, I don’t have to ask lame questions like, “So, what games do you like?” or “What’s your system, Xbox 360 or PS3?” This is going to be fun. Even if I tried, I wouldn’t be good at acting jaded. Or big-time (said BASG).

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