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Warriors smash Raptors like they’re the Sixers or something

Curry Lowry

The Warriors blew two teams out without a word from this site. What can I say, tough choices need to be made during the holiday season, and Golden State obliterated two college teams. While it’s fun to see the Warriors flex their muscles, the Harbdrama took precedence over drama-free wins against the Timberwolves and 76ers.

Then they went and beat the Raptors by 21. No Bogut? No Ezeli? Who cares when the Mo in Speights stands for Monster, causing Dwane Casey to toss Jonas Valanciunas onto the bench … even though Toronto’s big man scored seemingly at will in the game’s first few minutes.

The Warriors clubbed the Raptors on Friday night by a score of 126-105, in a game where the home squad scored 40 points in the first quarter, allowed the game to get close in the second, and fended off one of the Eastern Conference’s best teams with a white-hot pitchfork in the third and fourth quarters.

Draymond Green messed around to the tune of 16 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists(!). It was a sneaky triple-double … he made a rapid-fire touch pass to Speights for a layup and I thought, “Wow, that was some quick thinking.” Then I realized Green had done that 10 or so times already.

Stephen Curry dunked not quite over Kyle Lowry, not quite on Kyle Lowry, but … wait, why short-change Curry on this? He dunked on and over Lowry (who leaped in an attempt to at least distract Curry during a rare in-game dunk attempt). Then Curry let out a little yell in Lowry’s direction before quickly and astutely turning slightly away from his counterpart and sharing the moment with a rabid Oracle Arena crowd.

Speights pulled another Speights (that’s when you score as many points as minutes played): he had 26 points on 12-of-19 shooting, along with eight rebounds in 25 minutes. Curry scored 32 points, dished out 12 assists, and turned the ball over … wait, I need to pull up another site and double-check … holy Drake reference, he didn’t commit a single turnover.

Toss in Klay Thompson’s 8-for-13 with 20 points and three blocks, and this was your standard West-over-East whuppin’ … except the Raptors are actually a good team. This Warriors season is going incredibly well, and it doesn’t look like injuries to centers are going to derail what Steve Kerr’s got going on.

Dub Steps

— The Warriors are 26-5. Twenty-six and five!

— Toronto came in with the “hound Curry” defensive game plan, straight from the Clippers playbook, and the Warriors destroyed it with a 35-assist game. It seems like every time the Warriors rout a team, I look at the team assist total and it’s 35.

— Curry also looked like a man with the Maurice Podoloff Trophy on his mind. I’m starting to think he’s going to win it, too.

— I hope Kerr is patient with Justin Holliday. The kid gets a little too pass-happy sometimes and commits turnovers, but if he turns the corner confidence-wise, that’s a good backup two-guard.

— David Lee had two blocks (same as Green). It’s pretty obvious that all that time on the bench has shown him that if he wants to fit in, he needs to expend effort defensively and move the ball. He’s not especially quick right now, but his willingness to fit in is a good sign.

— This was a crazy-good team stats game. The Warriors shot 53.3% from the field, 42.9% on threes (Curry and Thompson combined to make nine) and 80% from the foul line. They out-rebounded Toronto 45-37, out-blocked them 8-1, out-assisted them 35-23 and committed six fewer turnovers (15-9).

— Imagine not knowing who Lou Williams is, and ending up on his team in a pickup game when he’s on fire.

— Bob Fitzgerald’s “I used to be a full-fledged Bulls fan until the Warriors got good” side came out once again during Williams’ scoring barrage. Whenever anyone goes crazy off the bench, he brings up Ben Gordon’s name. It must’ve been Gordon and Notre Dame’s graduation rates that got Fitz through the mid-2000s.

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