Media Day here at The Superdome was the circus I expected to see. A woman from Access Hollywood asked Randy Moss if he had ever been “catfished” (he hasn’t, and if he had he said he wouldn’t tell anybody). VH1 sent someone to ask Moss what his favorite Beyonce song was (he doesn’t like that kind of music).

As you can probably surmise, I spent a lot of the hour watching Randy Moss. There will be a post on that later, because he said more than his fair share of interesting things.

But my favorite part of the experience wasn’t listening to Moss, or talking briefly with Alex Smith or A.J. Jenkins (which I also did). It was watching Jim Harbaugh in action, directing his players where to stand for the team photo.

Back to Moss for just a second — he was asked to compare Harbaugh and Bill Belichick, and while Moss described Belichick as “businesslike,” he mentioned how Harbaugh has a bunch of stories and that many of them are “comical.” Not that the 49ers aren’t serious when they need to be, but I got a glimpse as to how much they laugh together as a team today.

Harbaugh was standing in the front, holding a list and wearing reading glasses. He’d shout out last names, point where each players should sit or stand and shout “LISTEN UP!” every 10 seconds or so.

Little known fact: Harbaugh moonlights as a wedding photographer during the offseason.

49ers team photo Harbaugh directing

Harbaugh directing the players

49ers team photo Harbaugh directing players

“Coach, coach … I forgot I had this Gatorade.”

49es team photo Kaepernick Iupati

Mike Iupati: Colin Kaepernick’s favorite offensive lineman

49ers team photo Kaepernick laughing

When Harbaugh got louder, Kaepernick laughed harder.

49ers team photo throwing towels

Harbaugh told the players to lose the towels because “We have all the swag we need!”

Harbaugh serious 49ers laughing

Here’s the reaction to Harbaugh ordering the guys to remove their hats.

Harbaugh tells Aldon Smith to take his hat off

Yes Aldon, you too.

Aldon Smith 49ers team photo

“You can’t possibly be serious, coach! My braids aren’t photo-ready yet!”

Note: right after this, Harbaugh threw his hat to Aldon, who put it on. The team absolutely loved this. (In light of Aldon getting voted “Bill Walsh MVP” by the players and coaches, I’m starting to think he may be the most popular guy on the team.)

I thought I was filming the Harbaugh/Aldon hat trade, but I had mistakenly turned the camera off, not on. That’s the equivalent of a personal foul penalty in the blogosphere, but you’ll just have to take my word for it that this actually happened.

49ers team photo LaMichael James laughing

Finally everyone gets serious for the cameras … except LaMichael James (back row).

Jim Harbaugh Randy Moss 49ers team photo

Pretty sure a man can’t stand straighter than Harbaugh here. So proud.

49ers team photo Super Bowl

Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Alex Smith and Vernon Davis together. Not much else needs to be said.

The 49ers have tried very hard to let the outside world know how serious they are about coming to New Orleans. I’ve heard the phrase “business trip” at least 10 times since I arrived. This was the first time I got a glimpse at what probably happens all the time during team meetings.

Contest time!

Every day this week we’ll ask you guys to answer a question. Yesterday the question was, “What’s your go-to move when celebrating a great play?. Once you answer a contest question in the comments, you’re automatically entered to win one of two 20-person pizza parties from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria for Super Bowl Sunday!


Today’s question: If you win one of the two pizza parties and need to organize all of your friends in your living room, WHO GETS THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE? 


This can be a touchy subject. Unless you’re rich and have one of those fancy entertainment rooms with 20 reclining chairs facing a giant projection screen, some people are going to have to stand behind the couch or sit on folding chairs. Are you a good host and let your significant other or one of the older guests sit in the cushiest spot directly facing the TV? Do you just play it by ear and let everyone kind of find their own seats? Or are you like me and make sure that you’ve got your favorite spot locked down from the moment the first pregame show starts?

Yeah, I’m that guy. There’s a little clue in there about how someone decides to blog about sports for a living: obsessiveness, a little self-absorption and great sight lines. And now that my secret is out, there’s probably no way I’ll ever get a good seat in my living room again because my friends and wife will see to it that I end up standing in the corner.