Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

Aren’t men stupid?

That’s the theme of most romantic comedies, television sitcoms and several commercials. One shining example of this not-so-subtle form of male bashing takes place on a PG&E commercial in heavy rotation lately on KNBR.

It’s about a rebate program where customers can lower their bill by a certain percentage if they use less energy than they did during the same time last year. The narrator is a woman who explains the program, while the husband pretty much proves to be a tool.

Why is he a tool? Because he goes around the house, interrupting wifey’s narration by yelling things like, “Changing the lint trap in the dryer,” and “Just turned the thermostat down!”

While the wife understands the program and wants to explain it to us, the husband is some mindless accomplisher of menial tasks, so excited about the prospect of saving money that he’s got a one-track mind only focused on saving energy (and money).

I guess that’s because the other stereotype-umbrella men are shoved under is that they are not only stupid, they’re also cheap. You know men, always wondering why the woman has to use that credit card at the mall all the time!

Thank God we men have women around to figure out what’s going on and lead us to a better existence. I might not have felt that way before, but PG&E, you showed me the way.

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