Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

Inane rambling can make any radio commercial unlistenable, but what can make any driver lunge towards his radio tuner quicker than Ichiro diving back to the bag on a pickoff throw?

A bad jingle.

I guess most marketing departments would disagree, saying that a jingle that gets in your head, drives you crazy and causes you to repeatedly rip the offending company with friends is, by definition, good. One such radio tune comes from the people at Serramonte Ford.
Here’s how I remember the song (because I refuse to go to their website to try to play the commercial for myself … why torture myself when the song’s already in my head?):

Serramonte Ford, Serramonte Ford
We treat you like faaaammmillly
Serramonte Ford, Serramonte Ford
In Colma/Daly City!
So what are you waiting for?
Serramonte Ford!
(ending guitar riff)

Even though this song features the word Colma, which in itself is innately funny to me, it passes the test of a horrible jingle. It sticks in your head, the lyrics are simple, and one or more of the words are pronounced in a strange manner. In this case, those words are “for” and the final “Ford,” where the “r’s” in each word could just as well be replaced by “h’s.”

Now I’m angry that I decided to write about this stinker of a jingle, as I’ve now guaranteed its presence in my head for at least three hours. I’m going to go buy a Chevy.

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