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Welcome 19 new sites to the BASG blogroll!

An old boss was always fond of saying that all the hyperlinks, blogrolls, related widgets and all the other things you can click on these and other pages you read are what make the Internet the Internet, and not a book. Of course, she would also email us cat videos on YouTube every day and expect feedback, so do with that information what you will.

Still, a good blogroll is a very important part of blogging (hmmm … can I work another “blog” word in here?), and to help further the good karma BASG has experienced throughout the blogosphere (there we go!), we’ve added quite a few sites to our magical list that you absolutely must patronize. And by patronize, I mean visit, not treat with condescension. Jerks.

One new Niners-centric site, Matt Barrows’ 49ers Blog and Q&A.

Also one new A’s site, The Drumbeat.

On the Giants side is where I went Interwebz-crazy. 13 new sites. Here they are:

22 Gigantes, The Crazy Crabbers, Croix De Candlestick, The Dodgerhater (also the name of a beer my buddy Guano gave me years ago, only it was spelled “Dodgerhator” … it was delicious), Fire Sabean, Giants Win, Golden Gate Giants,, Keith’s Sports Journal, Mychael Urban’s page on CSNBA, Remember ’51 and San Francisco Ball Scribe.

I also threw Talking Points up there (in the Raiders section, LOL), as well as Matt Steinmetz’s archive, Free Darko (which was LONG overdue), MLB Trade Rumors (ditto) and NYC Barstool Sports.

I expect all of you to check every site, then check back in with me by EOD. Sorry, I’m still in work mode. Thank my boss for that…

(Oh, and if you want your site on the blogroll, or know of any sites our lives are totally useless without, drop a line in the comments section or send an email to The more the merrier!)

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