As if the world of sports news wasn’t annoying enough today, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll decided to send out a tweet that surely drove most Bay Area residents into a rabid fury:

For those not familiar with the life and times of Coach Carroll, he’s a Bay Area native. He was born in San Francisco and attended Redwood High School in Marin County (my alma mater). He was a three-sport player at Redwood, and he was inducted into their Athletic Hall of Fame in 2009. Carroll is also a long-time Giants fan, which would explain why he wanted this in the first place.

With all that in mind, the question remains: WHY, GIANTS?

Okay, take away the fact Carroll used to be the evil, cheating head coach of the USC Trojans, and also take away the fact he’s now the evil, cheating coach of the Seahawks. He’s just a Giants fan, right?

Nope. I can’t. It just feels dirty.

This is the same San Francisco Giants team that showed solidarity with 49ers’ quarterback Alex Smith after he was fined for wearing a Giants hat during postgame press conferences. It sparked the whole #SFUnite movement, which was the kind of thing that gave fans of both teams the warm and fuzzies, especially during their stellar runs in 2012.

Now they’re giving a custom World Series jersey to the head coach of the 49ers’ biggest rival. What’s worse, it’s got the number 12 on the back, which is super convenient for Carroll because he can wear it with all kinds of horrible thoughts about “The 12th Man” while claiming it has to do with the year the Giants won the World Series.

Am I extra-bitter over the number? You bet, because now Carroll and I both have ’12’ on our Giants garb (at least mine is supposed to have a name on the back, unlike Carroll’s home jersey).

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Joe Montana gave Matt Kemp a signed jersey after a Giants-Dodgers game in 2012. But that wasn’t an organizational decision. That was Montana going rogue on us (although it isn’t any more excusable).

Then there’s the whole Tim Lincecum raising the Seahawks’ flag thing, which is pretty annoying but not altogether surprising. After all, Lincecum grew up in Seattle and has never shown any real loyalty to either Bay Area football team.

Maybe the Giants had this in mind:

But if it isn’t, we’ll forgive you, Giants. Eventually. Okay, maybe Jim Harbaugh won’t, but I’ll find room in my heart to allow you back in. Just remember the next time you want to do something nice for Carroll, he did this ridiculous Dodgers code of conduct video:

(The first rule is super important, Giants fans)