Aaron Rowand

Well, torture IS the slogan…

This was less about the Padres, and more about the 2010 baseball season as a whole. Because this season is a living, breathing thing that was created by a higher power, to make Giants fans’ hopes rise and fall again and again. So to expect the Giants to put away the San Diego Padres, who had tortured the Giants for the first two months of the season, to lay down and die … well, c’mon!!!

In a season that’s been highlighted by about 30 different human interest stories, this game didn’t disappoint. Matt Cain showed the vulnerability of a guy who was expected to win on his 26th birthday by showcasing the stuff of a 46-year-old. Aaron Rowand, buried for so long, hit the home run that made this should-be rout into a game. Freddy Sanchez, who’s made perhaps fewer mistakes this season than any Giant not named Posey or Huff, got caught assuming a double when there was none, at a time where the only way he truly mattered was if he made an out.

I didn’t watch a second of this game, instead I had the headphones in while covering an incredibly boring football game, a 42-0 home win for Newark Memorial high school over Kennedy. And when the Padres took a 6-0 lead, there was no place I’d rather be, since I don’t get paid to watch losing baseball games on TV.

Then as I sat in my car, adding up rushing yards, Rowand hit that homer and I figured, with the way things have been going lately, that I’d be driving over the Bay Bridge while San Francisco was awash in bedlam. But the Padres weren’t about to give up before the weekend officially started.

Before taking off for her Sex and the City-themed bachelorette party in San Diego (Yes, I’m marrying a girly-girl … a girly-girl who loves sports, but a Carrie just the same.), my fiance called me this afternoon with an offer of two free lower box seats to Sunday’s game. Of course I happily took them, even though I figured it would be a meaningless game filled with players like Darren Ford, Eugenio Velez and Emmanuel Burriss.

Now, I’m not so sure. Barry Zito has a full-fledged postseason audition tomorrow, and if he pitches 7 shutout innings and leads the Giants to an NL West crown, he might give Bochy pause when it comes time to draw up his rotation. But to assume Zito will slam the door on a desperate San Diego squad is beyond foolish considering his history here, and now I’m looking at amazing tickets to what could be the biggest Giants game since Jose Cruz Jr. dropped that ball in right field.

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