I’m sure you all remember when Anthony Davis made his feelings known about a certain “49ers blogger.”

If you’re too lazy to click the link, here’s the gist:

Unfortunately (or luckily, depending on how you thought this went), not as many people got to see the first tweet as Mr. Cohn probably hoped. For those who aren’t on Twitter or use it sparingly, Cohn’s initial tweet started with Jed York’s twitter handle. If you start a post by @’ing somebody like that, the only people who’ll see it are the ones who follow both you and the person you’re mentioning. If you want everyone who follows you to see something you post (for example, when you’re trying to drive traffic to your employer’s website), you’ll want to put a period or some other word at the beginning.

Sorry for the clumsy Twitter 101 lecture. The main takeaway here is Jed York used social media today to send an even more dismissive message to a writer than his response to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio on Friday. If you’re going to “@” York, better mind your Ps and Qs.