Damon Bruce Kate ScottThe opinions on Damon Bruce vary wildly around these parts — and by “these parts,” I mean the BASG comments section. Some people love Bruce, others despise him, and LOL KNBR Callers thinks he’s currently the No. 2 host on the station (something Bruce took pleasure in noting during his show on Tuesday).

Bouncing around different time slots is common for any sports talk host, but Bruce has racked up enough radio frequent flier miles to earn a free trip to KGO (a station which, if I’m not mistaken, he’s been on a few times as well).

Bruce left ESPN to replace Larry Krueger as the host of “Sportsphone 680” on KNBR 680 back in 2005. After a tumultuous run marked by some bad Giants baseball and a relationship between the Giants and Bruce that was at times even worse, Bruce moved to the daytime on KNBR 680’s sister station, KNBR 1050. 1050 has a weaker signal, but Bruce was allowed to do the show he wanted from noon-to-four without getting interrupted by Giants and Warriors night games.

Then KNBR decided to shake things up. Their biggest idea was a risky one: pair two hosts who, up to that point, had been lone wolves. Gary Radnich had to make room for Bruce, and most of you probably remember how that went. After Radnich sat out during a two-weeklong Bruce boycott of sorts, Lee Hammer gave Bruce his old show back. Only this time, Bruce would be on KNBR 1050 from noon-to-three instead of noon-to-four.

That doesn’t mean Bruce has seen a dip in airtime. He’s filled in for Jim Rome several times, he can be heard nationally during the weekends on CBS Sports Radio (a Cumulus partner), and it seems that every time I check Twitter I see Bruce posting some picture of himself in the Comcast studios with Kate Scott or Jim Kozimor.

Here’s one thing most everyone can agree on: Bruce can’t stay on KNBR 1050 forever. And that’s what brings us to today’s contest question.

Where do you see Damon Bruce in three years? 

Why three instead of five? No good reason, except I have a hard time believing Bruce will still be on KNBR 1050 at his current time slot three years from now. But if you want to predict what’ll happen with Bruce’s career a couple years further out, no problem.

Here are all the options I can think of, but feel free to add whatever I may have missed.

In three (or five) years, Damon Bruce will …

  1. Still be on KNBR 1050 from noon-to-three
  2. Have his own show (no co-host) on KNBR 680
  3. Host a show on KNBR 680 with a partner (if you choose this option, who’ll be his co-host?)
  4. Jump to 95.7 FM “The Game” and rip KNBR every day
  5. Get a national gig with CBS Sports Radio
  6. Work in another media market hosting the same kind of show he does now
  7. Be a full-time TV personality
  8. Join the Peace Corps

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