One of the highlights (okay, THE highlight) of the San Francisco Giants World Series Film came at the end, with a montage of Hunter Pence’s teammates impersonating his famous pregame speeches he gave in the dugout. Those speeches started when the Giants’ backs were against the wall in Cincinnati, and became part of the Giants’ routine throughout the rest of their championship run.

I asked Pence about that clip during media day this morning, and he explained how the finished product was different than what he saw. Each player did a full version of a Pence motivational speech, and he watched each and every one. What we saw were several clips edited together.

What I was most interested in was the part of the montage that featured Barry Zito.

“Every time you get a filet mignon … every time you get a piece of chicken, a piece of fish, you want to throw on the grill, you got to think win.”

That line got the biggest laughs when I saw the film in the Castro Theatre, and Pence provided a little background.

“When you watch his whole speech, (Zito’s) actually explaining a story,” Pence said.

“You kind of miss out on what he was really saying. They jump to Zito talking about that, and you’re kind of confused.”

In this minute-long video, Pence talks about how the story Zito was referring to had to do with team chef Joe Day (who also made those scooters* for Pence and Brian Wilson), and what it was like to watch his teammates’ speeches, which he called “beautiful.”

Zito hasn’t seen the film yet, but I asked him about that anyway (which you can see in the 35-second video below).

“That’s Hunter, it’s beautiful,” said Zito, who used the same word Hunter did to describe his teammates. “It means you have to infuse everything around you with the energy of win.”

I asked him if he did any barbecuing this offseason, and if so did he think “win”?

“No, I don’t cook,” Zito said.

* Pence told me he left his scooter in San Francisco over the offseason, but “hopefully I’m going to be staying close enough so I can ride it back to the field again.”