Now that we’ve gone relatively positive (as much as possible, given that people love to complain about the subject matter), we’re going to trend the other direction a little in our last Radio Wars question of the week.

For those who haven’t been reading this site lately, we’ve been asking the readers one question per day about the Bay Area’s respective sports talk stations, and tomorrow we’re going to pick two of the commenters from these posts at random to win a 10-person Pizza Party from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria. So when someone asks you what good it does to analyze (and complain about) sports talk radio, you can tell them that it’s all about that delicious thin crust pizza for you and your friends at the other side of the commenting rainbow.

Here were the first questions we asked:

Who’s your favorite host on KNBR?

Who’s your favorite host on 95.7 FM “The Game”?

Think you could be a better programmer than Lee Hammer or Jason Barrett?

So far we’ve received over 200 comments in all, and I expect that number to increase with the next question, which is…

What’s your biggest complaint about KNBR and 95.7 FM “The Game”?

OK, maybe I spoiled that with the headline. Let me explain where I’m going with this. First, with what I don’t want to see in the comments.

Individual hosts getting ripped

Even though I used a photo I took of a couple KNBR hosts at the top of the page, this post isn’t where you vent about how much you don’t approve of one person’s hosting ability.

There is plenty of “I hate this guy” or “this guy sucks” in the comments, and that’s fine … but for every person who hates a certain host there is a person who calls that same host their absolute favorite. If you don’t believe me, go check the comments from the three earlier contest posts. Sports talk radio tastes are as subjective as they come.

While I’ve written a lot about this stuff and not all of it has been flattering to certain individuals, I respect what these guys do. It takes several skills to be a good broadcaster and stay relevant when everyone is only as good as that day’s show. Talking sports in a bar is fun, but talking sports for a living can be a challenge — especially in a cutthroat business like terrestrial radio. So let’s leave the personal insults out of this when it comes to commenting on this specific post.

So what can you complain about?

  • What teams/sports the stations focus on (too much or not enough)
  • Certain segments you aren’t a fan of
  • Which guests they interview
  • Questions asked during interviews
  • Bumper music
  • Signal strength
  • The callers — there’s a reason why @LOLKNBRCallers has gathered over 2,500 Twitter followers in less than a year
  • Whatever else you can think of, as I’m sure I’m missing something

If you insult any specific host by name, your comment will not be considered eligible to win one of the Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria pizza parties for 10 people. I’m pretty sure we know by now which hosts people love or cannot stand (here’s a little hint: the hosts who receive the most hate on forums like this or in the form of emails sent to the respective stations are the ones the PDs like because they — say it with me now — MOVE THE NEEDLE).

Tomorrow Bay Area Stats Guy is going to break down how you guys voted in the polls from this week, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, go ahead and vent about the stations you listen to for hours every week.