#BusterHugs has taken the Bay Area by storm. It’s all I can do to stop myself from yearning and plotting on how to get one of these hugs for myself. It doesn’t have to be real long. I just want like, a three-Mississippi count hug from the reigning NL MVP. Is that a crime?

This got me thinking about all the moments in the past where Buster Posey has doled out one of this extraordinary hugs. He doesn’t seem to give them out lightly – only when you do something awesome. He also does the majority of his hugs on the road (which is where all the clinching games for the postseason have occurred, unfortunately). Are we in store for some future amazing #BusterHugs on the road this season? Maybe a no-hitter from Madison Bumgarner (isn’t it weird that he doesn’t already have one?) or clinching the division in September (I’m pretending we aren’t a million games under .500)?

I’m hoping something cool will happen when I’m in NYC in September to watch them play the Yankees and the Mets. I’ve yet to see Giants history live, and I’m absolutely dying to.

This brings me to the Amici’s contest we have for you today.

As you may have heard, we’re giving away 10-person pizza parties to a few lucky commentors (two contest posts have already been posted on Monday and Wednesday). But the best prize to be had is Amici’s “September Baseball in the Big Apple” giveaway.

Amici’s is giving a lucky fan two round-trip tickets from San Francisco to New York City. Yeah, that sounds awesome right? There’s absolutely no catch. It’s just plain awesome.

Here’s a full breakdown of what the winner will receive:

  • 2 round-trip tickets from SF – New York City
  • 7 Nights lodging at a top Manhattan Hotel
  • Ground transportation
  • Major League Meal Money ($99 per person per day) = $693 per person for a total of $1,386 cash.

The contest goes from 12:01 a.m. PDT July 15, 2013 t0 11:59 p.m. PDT August 16, 2013. To enter to win, you need only to follow THIS LINK or click on our Amici’s banner. Then, once you’re taken to the official contest page, provide your name, email address, and phone number to officially enter.

The winner, determined by random drawing, will be announced on this website on August 20th (He or she will also be notified via email).

This is a dream contest. If you don’t enter, you might be Brian Wilson-crazy. Not that we’re judging, but that would be bananas.

10-Person Pizza Part Contest

All you have to do is tell me which #BusterHug is your favorite. I’ve compiled the GIFs to help you relive the moments. As you guys may know, we have a 5 GIF max per post (boo!), so if I missed one, feel free to respond in the comments with your fav and you’ll be eligible to win as well.

#1) Matt Cain’s Perfect Game – This one didn’t happen on the road but it’s too epic to not include. Look how happy they are:

#2) 2010 World Series – One of the originals

#3) 2012 World Series – Still so much happiness:

#4) 2010 NLCS – This one is great because you have depressed Ryan Howard in the background

#5) Tim Lincecum No-Hitter – We know how Buster feels about this one.. is it your favorite?

What is it about Buster Posey showing emotion that is so wonderful? If someone has an answer, please tell me immediately.

So there you have it. And in case you forgot, the question is:

*** What is your favorite #BusterHug moment?  ***

Comment below to be entered to win one of three 10-person pizza parties from Amici’s. These parties will be given away by Steve Berman (the Bay Area Sports Guy) once he returns from Malaysia next week. Steve will select, at random, one commentor from each of our “Contest Posts,” which ran on Monday  and Wednesday. The winner of the last and final pizza party will be selected from one of the commentors of this post.

May the best pizza win!