In case you missed it, Andres Torres struck out with the bases loaded yesterday in the Giants spring training game against the Rangers. Everyone who has followed Torres’ career knows he’s as nice as they come … but not today. After striking out, he broke a bat over his knee in frustration. There is no video footage, but I drew a picture of what I think it looked like:

Torres told the media after the game: “Sometimes you have to let it go. Not every time. Everybody gets mad right?”

Yup, they sure do. In fact (and I know you knew this was coming), I have GIF evidence of many of our Giants and former Giants getting steamed. It is my (self-proclaimed) best compilation yet – mostly because you rarely see the guys getting so riled up.

Let’s start with Madison Bumgarner. Haven’t seen him snot-his-rocket (get it?) in the majors yet, but when he was nothing but a country bumpkin in the minors, he lost his mind and got tossed from a game. Pardon the quality of the GIF, I could only find user uploaded footage:

Another one, much more understated, is Matt Cain being pulled from a postseason game. He’s much less angry and much more Toddler Tantrum-y than the other guys:

Hunter Pence is more than just expressive in the eyes. He shows his discontent with this call by saying “WHAT THE… “ much like a 13 year old might:

Buster Posey getting angry doesn’t happen very much. But when he does, he gets MAD.

After a blown call by the home plate umpire, Buster Posey gets in his face and shares some very choice words:

And even MVPs strike out. And sometimes they don’t take to it very kindly:

Ah, the infamous Brian Wilson vs. The Gatorade jug incident. Do I really need to explain this one? Probably not:

Angel Pagan totally disapproves of this call. And he’s not being shy about it. The reaction from Pagan in the second GIF is priceless.

Eli Whiteside will always have a special place in my heart. And this GIF below shows why. After Ramon Ramirez plunked Shane Victorino (also known as SHANF or Rectum Face on Twitter), Eli Whiteside jumped up and down like a boxer, ready to go:

Tim Lincecum hides no emotions, especially during Game 5 of the 2010 NLCS game against the Phillies. After getting Ross Gload to ground into an inning-ending double play and keeping Jimmy Rollins from scoring from third, he shouts “ YOU STAY THERE!” Just awesome.

Jose Mijares, getting pissed after a less than stellar outing against the Reds in Game 2 of the NLDS:

Former Giant Cody Ross, otherwise known as “Smiles,” was not very smiley after being called out on strikes during his time in Boston:

This is seared into my nightmares. Vogey almost gets plunked and uh, gets really mad. Like really, really mad:

One of my favorite Giants moments EVER. Prior to this play, Brandon Crawford was told by the umpires that he didn’t touch first base. I guess he wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again because the next at-bat, this happened:

And most recently, Team Mexico and Team Canada got into it at the World Baseball Classic. And Sergio Romo looked as angry as I’ve ever seen him:

And there you have it. The angriest Giants in recent history.

Thanks everyone’s contributions on Twitter. Let’s do this again soon.