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Everyone is talking about the guy who made it all look so easy on Saturday — after the first drive, anyway — a guy named Colin Kaepernick. Since Kaepernick doesn’t say a lot about himself, let’s check out what Donte Whitner had to say after the 49ers’ 45-31 win.

“Everybody that was second guessing the decision to move from [QB] Alex [Smith] to him, I don’t think they’ll be questioning it anymore. He’s that new style quarterback in the National Football League that can run the read option, that can pull the ball down run it and take it the distance from anywhere on the football field, extremely strong armed, accurate. He’s our quarterback, he’s our leader and he did a great job out there today.”

While almost everyone in Santa Clara treats personnel moves like military secrets, Whitner is unique in that he sees no reason to avoid candor. In the week leading up to the New Orleans game, Whitner was the one who went on The Dan Patrick Show and told Mike Florio how it was common knowledge among the players that Kaepernick would start … even though the coaches were busy pretending everything was still up in the air.

Donte Whitner 49ers training campThis time, Whitner threw a dart at all the naysayers (and there were many, including several readers/commenters on this site) who thought Jim Harbaugh made the wrong decision in replacing Alex Smith with Colin Kaepernick. It’s not like fans were booing Kaepernick, and I doubt the quarterback “controversy” drove a wedge between teammates at any point this season.

But these guys do read, watch and listen. Especially a guy like Whitner, who goes on national radio shows and seems fairly interested in pursuing a career in the media after he retires from the NFL. As a player who has faced both quarterbacks in practice, Whitner probably laughed at anyone who called for the 49ers to reconsider and give Smith his old job back. In his mind everyone should have already moved on.

“He’s our quarterback, he’s our leader.”

Whitner sounds like he’s been on board from the start, and now (almost) everyone else has followed suit.


Last week’s contest winners

Congrats to Devnull and Rant Bot (who is an actual person, I assume), who both won 10-person pizza parties from Amici’s from last week’s contest posts, which got some great comments. B.A. Rich came closest to predicting the score of the 49ers/Packers game (he said the 49ers would win 27-17, which came closest in terms of margin of victory), so he gets two BASG koozies.

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At what point did you stop “second guessing the decision” to move from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick?

A. When the 49ers took a 20-0 lead into halftime on MNF against the Chicago Bears.

B. After Kaepernick led the 49ers to a 31-21 win over the Saints on the road.

C. Following Kaepernick’s 4-TD performance during the 49ers’ 41-34 win at New England.

D. Not until Kaepernick set a record for rushing yards by a QB in a single game to propel San Francisco to the NFC Championship.

E. I still think Alex Smith would be the better choice.

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Speaking of free pizza, thanks to all of you who came out to our event on Saturday at Northstar Cafe. The turnout was huge (and loud), and the pizza Amici’s vanished in record time — a dozen large pizzas were devoured in less than 10 minutes.

BASG Meetup Amici's

For a look at the photo album we created from Saturday evening, check out our Facebook page. Here’s my favorite: an unidentified (ecstatic) 49ers fan celebrating Kaepernick’s 56-yard TD run.

BASG meetup 49ers TD celebration