DF JMSince the local professional teams seem to be on strike these days, this week’s set of contest posts just seemed like they should focus on something other than what happens on the field (or, in this case, the court and/or ice). On Monday you voted on your favorite Warriors uniform of all-time, and yesterday we asked you what your favorite current uniform is amongst all of the local professional teams.

We got a lot of responses, and everyone who answered is eligible to win one of two 10-person pizza parties catered by Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria. But for some reason, I think the questions over the next two days will garner even more comments.

Today’s question … Who’s the best play-by-play announcer in the Bay Area?

Here are the nominees. Feel free to add a write-in candidate if I missed someone, as long as that person is currently working in this market.

Golden State Warriors: Bob Fitzgerald, Tim Roye

Oakland A’s: Vince Cotroneo, Ken Korach, Glen Kuiper

Oakland Raiders: Greg Papa

San Francisco 49ers: Ted Robinson

San Francisco Giants: Dave Flemming, Duane Kuiper, Jon Miller

San Jose Earthquakes: Jim Kozimor

San Jose Sharks: Randy Hahn, Dan Rusanowsky

College: Roxy Bernstein, Joe Starkey

Don’t worry about color commentators today … there’s plenty of time for that tomorrow.