They started out as 95.7 FM Sports Radio, with hosts including Scott Jackson and Tim Montemayor. Now the station is known as 95.7 FM “The Game,” and it seems like they’re making adjustments to their lineup all the time.

KNBR is still crushing their FM competition in the Arbitron ratings, although I’ve been told by several 95.7 employees how those numbers don’t take into account the same demographics that advertisers base their buying decisions on. According to those who are privy to the totally secret, can’t-tell-bloggers-or-we’ll-get-in-trouble numbers, “The Game” is making inroads among the all-important 25-54 male demo (all-important in a sports talk radio sense). Based on the comments I’ve seen on this site, there are several of you out there who’ve either given “The Game” a try or listen to the FM station a majority of the time.

Just like how we started this week’s contest by asking you to tell us your favorite KNBR host in the comments, I’m going to ask you do to do the same on the competing sports talk station.

Today’s question: Who’s your favorite host on 95.7 FM “The Game”?

Here are all the possible choices I could think of after Mychael Urban announced his departure from 95.7 last week.

  • Dan Dibley (“The Rise Guys”)
  • Whitey Gleason (“The Rise Guys”)
  • Mark Kreidler (“The Rise Guys”)
  • Matt Steinmetz (“The Pulse”)
  • Chris Townsend (“The Pulse”)
  • John Lund (“The Wheelhouse”)
  • Greg Papa (“The Wheelhouse”)
  • Brandon Tierney (“The Drive”)
  • Ric Bucher (“The Drive”)
  • Brodie Brazil (Fill-in host, Sharks “Insider”)
  • Roxy Bernstein (Fill-in host)
  • John Dickinson (Fill-in host)
  • Rick Tittle (Fill-in host)
  • The Guru (“Lucky Break” contest winner)

If I forgot someone who just happens to be your favorite, let us know in the comments.

You can comment as many times as you like on each post, but each post you comment on will count as one entry (no matter how many times you comment), so the maximum number of entries will be four (one for each contest post this week). Two winners will be chosen to receive a Pizza Party for 10 from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, with the winners announced on Friday.

Since program director Jason Barrett is known to be fond of listener surveys, so you know everyone over there will be paying attention to your responses. I have an idea who’s going to win, but then again some of the KNBR responses surprised me.