If I’ve learned anything from doing this, it’s that people have opinions they’re more than willing to share about the state of Bay Area sports talk radio. Whether it’s about guys getting hired, guys getting fired, guys squabbling or something somebody said, people really care about this stuff.

So I figured that we should put your opinions to good use … for you! This week we’ll be asking for your feedback on a radio-related question every day from Monday through Thursday. You can comment as many times as you like on each post, but each post you comment on will count as one entry (no matter how many times you comment), so the maximum number of entries will be four.

Two winners will be chosen to receive a Pizza Party for 10 from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, with the winners announced on Friday. Good luck!

Monday’s question: Who’s your favorite host on KNBR?

There are so many to choose from, and you don’t have to narrow it down to the full-time guys. Replacement and/or fill-in hosts are welcome, as well. I’m guessing the opinions put forth in the comments will vary quite a bit. Here is a list of hosts to choose from:

  • Brian Murphy (“Murph and Mac”)
  • Paul McCaffrey (“Murph and Mac”)
  • Larry Krueger (“The Gary Radnich Show with Larry Krueger”)
  • Gary Radnich (“The Gary Radnich Show with Larry Krueger”)
  • Bob Fitzgerald (“Fitz and Brooks”)
  • Rod Brooks (“Fitz and Brooks”)
  • Damon Bruce (“The Damon Bruce Show”)
  • Tom Tolbert (“Mr. T”)
  • Eric Byrnes (“Mr. T”)
  • Ray Woodson (“Sportsphone 680”)
  • Marty Lurie (Giants pregame and postgame)
  • Patrick Connor (“The Sports Saloon”)

Let’s leave Jim Rome and the rest of the syndicated hosts out of this, but if you want to go with someone like Ray Ratto, Ted Robinson or Kevin Lynch, by all means feel free. As long as you keep things local, any answer will work.

One last thing: if you want to be eligible to win the Pizza Party from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria, you MUST enter a valid email address. Someone missed out on a free Large Pizza from Amici’s a couple weeks ago because the email address was fake and I refuse to play detective when we’re giving out prizes plenty of other people would love to win. Your information is completely safe and won’t be sold or given to anyone else, but without a way to contact the winner I have no choice but to choose someone else.

I look forward to seeing your responses. The decision-makers at KNBR and Cumulus probably do, as well.