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Why I’m not an ‘Insider’

I didn’t watch today’s Giants game. I took the dog for a walk, and we met some friends and their new baby for brunch in Alameda. I did catch Kirk Nieuwenhuis overrunning that Brandon Belt popup in the 9th that allowed the Giants to score the tying runs. I didn’t even know the game was on, except people started cheering in the bar section of the restaurant. so I ambled over to see what was going on. After Angel Pagan struck out to end the Giants’ half of the 9th, I went back to socializing.

No, I wasn’t exactly going way, WAY inside the Giants on the warmest day of 2012. Let Baggs spelunk around in Saturday’s nonsense.

THEN, I found out Aubrey Huff played second base on Saturday afternoon. Second base! I wanted to watch the game to see how things shook out before; now, I don’t want anything to do with that game. Blech. Huff at second. As if Matt Cain pinch-hitting in the 6th last night wasn’t enough Bochy for one weekend. I bash the Giants’ manager probably less than any other blogger (besides that guy who writes about how better things were when Peter Magowan was in charge, but he may have given up by now), but any permutation which ends with Huff playing second base makes as much sense as someone bypassing Togo’s for Subway. I don’t care if Brandon Crawford is abducted by aliens, Emmanuel Burriss leaves midgame to start a rap career and Ryan Theriot contracts Typhoid Fever (which may have happened, for all we know).

Huff is not a second baseman.*

Granted, I’m typing this in the kitchen of my apartment. The game’s on DVR, and I refuse to watch. Huff playing second? It’s like when I found out Scott Cousins ended Buster Posey’s season while I was at my now-brother-in-law’s bachelor party. My phone was blowing up, but I figured I’d save myself the pain of watching the replay. That was probably a good decision, because I was still forced to watch the replay about 5,000 times anyway because CSN and ESPN showed it every day, making it impossible to ignore. I doubt we’ll see replays of Huff at second every day, or even tomorrow, but I don’t need to see any of it. Baseball Prospectus told me all I need to know. I write almost every day about these teams, sometimes three or more times per day. I may not be an “Insider,” but at least I’ll enjoy the rest of the warmest day of the year so far without Huff’s positioning getting permanently lodged into my brain.

Just two more things:

1. How bad is the middle infield situation going to get for the Giants before they make a move? They can’t make much of a trade now, but this is embarrassing.

2. If you’re somehow excited because Aubrey Huff could gain 2B-eligibility in your fantasy league, just stop playing fantasy now. Take up fantasy Angry Birds or fantasy recycling. Anything but fantasy baseball.

*Or a first baseman, left fielder, or even a DH. The Giants need to consider Rowanding Huff.

Update (12:38 am): I watched the game.

— The realization that Brandon Crawford is a terrible hitter drove Bochy a little insane on Saturday afternoon. Pretty sure Bochy didn’t see himself pinch-hitting Hector without keeping him in the game at catcher. We’re so close to seeing Pablo Sandoval catch, just watch.

— Posey made two fantastic throws in the bottom of the 8th to collect 2 outs in about 2 minutes, then had a show-off at-bat against Frank Francisco, starting the 9th inning rally with a single to center that looked incredibly easy but totally wasn’t. Scott Hairston’s slide made Posey’s job much harder, but how often is Posey going to have to deal with that type of situation? Three times per year, max?

— Emmanuel Burriss nailed Justin Turner at first. Paul Nauert screwed up a pretty standard first base ump call, one that looked more difficult due to the CSN camera guy getting faked out by Aubrey Huff’s failure to cover second on the double play.

— If Scott Hairston was a Giant who knocked out a catcher’s back foot, he’d be cheered. Clean play.

— Poor Jeremy Affeldt. He saw that Huff (who clearly doesn’t care anymore) wasn’t even going to cover first base, so he sprinted over and dove for Posey’s errant throw. Where was Huff? Jogging a couple steps toward first, before deciding he’d rather save his energy for that evening’s immunity challenge. What, you have a better guess?

— Good gravy, Huff’s error when he was playing first…

— Huff’s bat is a joke, and that’s all he had when he came to the Giants. Did you see Posey’s response to Huff’s slow comebacker in the 9th (when Posey advanced to second, with his shoulders slumped)?

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