Get excited everyone – it’s the best day outside of the NFL season for football fans: NFL Draft Day!

Let the drama, rumors and speculation of the day begin like 3 months ago today. And for us on BASG, our hard-hitting reporting will focus on one of the most important drafts of the day: Tyrann Mathieu, aka The Honey Badger.

As BASG noted earlier this week, Mathieu spoke to Jim Rome about being a 49ers fan and how he hopes he gets drafted by them. While the 49ers could make some moves to allow this, they might need more motivation than a spike in jersey sales to make the move to get the Badger.

I personally love Honey Badgers. I loved the YouTube video and love how the Honey Badger mentality has taken over the corporate world in terms of businesses using the “crazy nastyass” animal as their mascot. I even have a stuffed animal Honey Badger sitting on my desk. You can press its paw and it’ll say all sorts of interesting things to people who stop by my desk to say hi.

Because of all this, I have a vested interest in persuading the 49ers to draft the Honey Badger today. To help out Trent Baalke (I’m sure he has the free time needed to read this post on Draftmas morning), here are some reasons why the Honey Badger would be so kick-ass on the 49ers.

The Honey Badger can handle the position of CB

In tough situations, Mathieu isn’t afraid to take a step back to evaluate the situation … or maybe a few more than that. Cornerbacks need to be able to backpedal — look at those fluid hips!


The Honey Badger is a great communicator

The 49ers’ secondary is probably the chattiest group on the team, always talking about how to handle certain receivers and which coverages will work best. The Honey Badger isn’t afraid to share his opinion — just beware of the sharp teeth. Although I hear his bark is worse than his bite. Wait, I don’t think that works here.


The Honey Badger Touchdown Dance

What we can expect to see in the endzone — deal with it, Bob Costas!


The Honey Badger is Patient

He will wait patiently to make the right play and will sit and listen quietly when Jim Harbaugh tells one of his many stories in meetings.


The Honey Badger Loves the Niners

Really, really loves them.


Happy NFL Draft Day, and here’s hoping that the Niners make a bold and fun move for all the reasons listed above to provide BASG with endless opportunities for Honey Badger GIFs to come in the next few years.