Chris Cohan

Will Chris Cohan pull a Sarah Palin?

The rumors are getting louder that Chris Cohan wants to sell the Warriors. Wait, before you pop the champagne and light off those M-80’s you forgot to use on the 4th of July, think about that for a second.

Darth Cohan, after all this time presiding over the worst stretch of Warriors basketball in the history of the franchise, is just going to up and quit? He’s going to take the Sarah Palin route, jumping ship simply because people are actually digging deeper these days to see exactly what the hell it is each leader has been doing with everyone’s money?

Sarah Palin wants a TV talk show, Cohan probably would like to go back to owning cable companies. Palin and her husband’s business deals have been explored by Vanity Fair, the NY Times and the entire Alaskan Democratic Party, among others. Cohan has lately been taken to task by such luminaries as Tim Kawakami, Adam Lauridsen, Damon Bruce (when he’s allowed to host his show), a frequent blog-commenter named Chris Cohan and yours truly.

If you’re Cohan, how can you possibly quit now? Surely the Warriors are worth less than they have been in at least a few years, and with the league hardly in fantastic financial straits (especially taking into account today’s announcement that the salary cap and luxury tax will move downward next year and probably in years thereafter), Cohan surely won’t have bidders lining up to overpay.

That’s not the main point, though. How can someone interested enough in his own personal public glory to spend millions on a professional sports franchise quit when the community he resides in despises him most? Doesn’t Cohan want his redemption story, his big comeback?

Is Cohan simply a defeated man, someone who realizes he’s far more adept at suing people and charging installation fees to cable customers than putting together a championship organization?

Or, has a bleak economic future, combined with rumored IRS difficulties, forced Cohan into financial panic mode? We all know the Palins are leaving the Governor’s Igloo due to financial problems and/or desires; perhaps Cohan’s in a situation where he needs to funnel that money he’s currently paying Corey Maggette and Don Nelson (among others) towards a lawyer like Steve Moskowitz, only much more expensive.

We all know Palin’s a quitter, we’re about to find out if Cohan is as well. Let’s cross our fingers.

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