If you want to check out an interesting video, check out this interview of Warriors GM Larry Riley from HoopsHype. The phrases “interesting video” and “Warriors GM” hardly ever go hand-in-hand, but Riley had some noteworthy things to say about what the Warriors need to add before this season (a “veteran” who’s a “glue guy”) and what Anthony Randolph needs to work on (“over-handling” and “rebounding”).

— Anthony Morrow goes off for 47 in summer league…it’s amazing that if you asked Warrior fans if they could keep only one trio, either Randolph/Morrow/Curry or Monta/Jack/Biedrins, most of them would choose the former over the latter. (Inside The Warriors)

— Amare Stoudemire’s available, but does anyone want him after he had additional work done on that surgically repaired eye last week? (ESPN)

— Here’s five questions the Giants will answer one way or another in the second half, but I have another question. Who said this?:

“If the Giants add just one good hitter, they’re the best team in the division — including the Dodgers,” one N.L. West talent evaluator said.

I’m guessing it was Shooty Babitt. That guy’s everywhere. (SJ Mercury)

— Is karma the reason why the Giants have been so bad in recent years against the Pirates? I mean, Brian Sabean treated former Pirates GM Dave Littlefield like I treated this kid in my neighborhood who was too young to understand that trading a Ken Griffey, Jr. Fleer rookie card for a 1987 Topps Ken Griffey, Sr. wasn’t a good deal at all, regardless of lifetime homers at the time. (McCovey Chronicles)

— Can I get a humm-baby? (El Lefty Malo)

— Is Michael Crabtree a diva? If he’s good, I don’t think anybody will (or should) care. (Matt Maiocco)

— People are shooting Tour de France riders with BB Guns. (ESPN)

— Tiger Woods misses the cut at The British Open after going seven-over during a six hole stretch in the middle of today’s second round. Meanwhile, Tom Watson is still in the lead. And you thought Jonathan Sanchez’s no-hitter was nuts. (Golf Fanhouse)