Eric Davis has a new gig. Today NFL Network announced a new show called “NFL AM,” which is set to debut on July 30 and will air way too early every weekday morning (6 am Eastern, 3 am Pacific).

The show’s talent roster features Mark Kriegel from, former San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl-winning cornerback Eric Davis, Brian Webber from FOX Sports Digital, Nicole Zaloumis from Comcast Sports Net-New England and Steve Wyche from NFL Media. The show will be based at NFL Network’s Culver City, Calif., studios.

Davis currently serves as Brandon Tierney’s co-host on “The Drive”, which airs from 2-6 pm on 95.7 FM “The Game.” The radio station released this little teaser on Twitter this morning:

This announcement could mean anything. The Game made a big deal about a similar “announcement” a couple weeks ago, and it turned out to be relatively inconsequential — it was to promote the beginning of “Newsmakers Week,” where they conducted “state of the franchise” interviews with coaches and general managers of all the Bay Area teams (something both sports talk stations should arguably be doing already).

Photo from Brandon Tierney’s Twitter account

I haven’t heard anything one way or the other, but with today’s announcement coinciding with Davis’ new gig at NFL Network, there’s a chance Davis will be moving on at the end of next month or earlier. Not that Davis isn’t a hard worker, but is he really going to do both a morning TV show and a 4-hour afternoon radio show every weekday, AND continue as the 49ers’ radio analyst alongside Ted Robinson?

If Davis does leave 95.7, one would have to imagine they’d replace him with another former athlete to make the transition as seamless as possible. I’m pretty sure Gary Plummer is available.

Or … do you think they’d pair Tierney with Ralph Barbieri? Sure, there are obstacles:

— Barbieri has a lawsuit-related PR campaign to tend to.

— Barbieri and Tierney probably couldn’t coexist in the same studio for more than a couple hours.

— We don’t know if Barbieri’s voice could handle a fulltime gig anymore.

But it sure would make things interesting to have The Razor competing against Mr. T for the ears of men between the ages of 25 and 54, wouldn’t it? The “Radio Wars” blog posts would write themselves…

Update (5:08 pm): The “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT”  was exactly what we figured, that Eric Davis is leaving The Game at some point in July. No word on a possible replacement.