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Would the 49ers ever limit ticket sales to people in certain states? Probably

Jim Harbaugh SF 49ersIt appears some of us may have jumped to conclusions after finding out how the Seattle Seahawks restricted NFC Championship Game ticket sales to people in the states of WA, OR, MT, ID, AK, HI.

For one thing, as several “12s” have pointed out in the comments, the Denver Broncos are doing the same thing.

Tickets will be available only to those with a billing address in the Rocky Mountain states, including Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and Western Kansas.

Of the states allowed to buy tickets to either title game, only Washington (No. 13) and Colorado (No. 22) are in the top 26 as far as population. And it sure pays to be a resident of Montana, which has a population of just over one million.

Someone asked San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh about the Seahawks’ decision, and he sounded like he was 100% in favor.

“It’s within the rules. It’s within the spirit of the rules of the National Football League. I actually respect it, that you’re trying to do for your team, put them in the best possible position to win that you can. I respect that their organization does that for their team. I think they do that in a lot of ways, with their team, with their fans, with their organization,” Harbaugh said.

“What do I think of it? I respect it.”

So the next time the 49ers host a conference championship game, it’s probably safe to assume the limited tickets they make available will only be sold to people with billing addresses in California, Nevada, and maybe Hawaii.

By the way, tickets on Stubhub are going for a minimum of $384 right now, and that’s for one bleacher seat. Don’t want to go alone? The cheapest pair of tickets (Upper Level Corner) are going for $486 each as of 1:35 pm PST on Monday.

If you end up spending that much money on tickets, you may want to invest in a couple sets of earplugs as well.

“There’s a lot of loud venues. I wouldn’t want to disrespect any of the loud venues, but I would have to say that’s the loudest, yes. To my ear,” Harbaugh said. “But I’m older. Everything seems louder to me. Music seems louder.”

They’ll definitely crank the music up during practice this week in Santa Clara.

“You can simulate (how to deal with the noise) somewhat in practice, with signals, hand signals, body language, reading lips. Some different ways. We’ll practice that. We’ve been in some of those environments,” said Harbaugh, who talked about what happened in the 49ers’ Week 2 loss at CenturyLink Field.

“I suppose we could’ve done better in areas than we did. We didn’t win the game. We went back and looked at it, there was sort of that avalanche at the end. The game got out of hand late in the game. But we’ll learn from our mistakes and that’s how you get smart. That’s how we all get smart, right?”


Of course that just screws over fans of the team who live in other states. Imagine you're a lifelong Seahawks fan who's now working in NYC, and wanted to fly back to Seattle for the big game (and spend some money on hotel rooms and restaurant tabs). Guess you can just hit StubHub and pay through the nose. But still sucks.

Well, Damon Bruce just told me I have to get off my computer because anyone who complains about this is a disgrace or something, so guess I won't be talking to you guys again... 


I absolutely applaud whatever the Seattle ticket office is/may be doing to limit ticket sales. We live in somewhat of an absurd area, where A's games are 75% Yankee fans, and even meaningful Niner and Giants games have shown grumbling on fan message boards about the amount of other teams colors in the stands. 

When fans with season tickets (or the box offices) sell to anyone its capitalism, but its as weak as AT&T Park full of people on their phones, not paying attention to the game. More money buys up tickets, and casual local fans (legit ones perhaps) are priced out. If the 12th man is that strong of an asset, then I say go do it...we should learn something around here.


NFL Stadiums should set up European style supporters sections for certain games. I always enjoy watching a small section of the stadium go crazy while the rest remain silent.

Otis Byrd III
Otis Byrd III

I don't think the 49ers would do that. Yeah, Harbaugh has a point and yeah, you would like to have a true homefield advantage with just your fans there, but teams might lose money that way by excluding other fans from coming to their games. I think we know the Giants wouldn't do this, or even consider doing this. LOL.


Chicago did this as did San Diego, I just wonder why if the Hawks do it, it is a major issue. Figure most of the hawk fans won't be able to get what is left for sale after the 62k season ticket holders got theirs.

Pulgas de Brent Burns
Pulgas de Brent Burns

Meh, if you're a diehard and spending the hundreds to get tix and travel there, I doubt an extra hundred or two will deter you at that point. Plus you'd probably have family of some sort there if you're from there.

I'm kind of whatever about it. Slightly amused that they're seemingly worried about Niner fans pouring in and laughing at the freak out by Niner fans. I imagine if this stuff keeps happening the league may step in somewhere, but I'm not exactly losing sleep over it.


@GaryTD Actually I think San Diego required ticket buyers from the Bay Area (presumably Raiders fans) to also buy tickets to 3 other games (presumably low draw games) increasing the chance those sell out and thus avoiding blackouts. Not sure if they're still doing that. 

Otis Byrd III
Otis Byrd III

@Bay Area Sports Guy @Otis Byrd III @Pulgas de Brent Burns I was at that game as well! First off, what a win that was for the Niners! NFL Network is replaying that game right now!

Well ok, maybe there weren't tons of Seahawks fans there, but the Seahawks fans that were there, were loud when Lynch and the TE scored the Seahawks TD's. I sat in front of some Seahawks fans.

Bay Area Sports Guy
Bay Area Sports Guy moderator

@Otis Byrd III @Pulgas de Brent Burns I was there, and I didn't see what you're referring to. There was a Seahawks fan meet-up the night before, and a silly "12" banner they flew around the stadium a few times before the game, but there weren't that many Seahawks fans in attendance. I've seen several groups of visiting fans send more fans to Candlestick then Seattle did this season. NY Giants, Bears, Rams, Packers...

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