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Yeah … sure, buddy: Vernon Davis denies getting into altercation with Joe Staley

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Since Kyle McLorg reported that Vernon Davis and Joe Staley engaged in two locker room quarrels, several media outlets have confirmed the story.


CSN Bay Area:

Tight end Vernon Davis called out Kaepernick and left tackle Joe Staley jumped to Kaepernick’s defense, according to multiple sources and first reported by The exchange became heated and may have even gotten physical, sources told

Within the next couple of days, Davis, Staley and Kaepernick cleared the air, according to sources. Davis on Wednesday told he would be available to speak later.


Sacramento Bee:

A league source on Thursday confirmed to The Bee that Davis’ critique — that Kaepernick wore his headphones too much and didn’t socialize enough with his teammates — occurred during a players only meeting that followed the 49ers’ loss to the Packers.

Receiver Quinton Patton was the first to defend Kaepernick during the meeting. When things started getting heated, Staley stood up and brought order to the room. The source said it never got physical during that meeting and that Davis and Kaepernick made up shortly afterward and there have been no issues since.



Our 49ers sources tell us … there definitely was a heated exchange between Vernon Davis and Joe Staley at a team meeting — where they verbally clashed over Kaepernick. 

We’re told one of the issues that was raised in the meeting was … a bunch of players felt like Colin had been acting like a “loner” — constantly walking around the team facility with his headphones on, tuning out the rest of the team. 

Our sources tell us players are frustrated because it makes Colin seem unapproachable — and some of the vets, including Davis, felt he NEEDS to be more inclusive if he wants to be an effective leader. 

We’re told it’s not just the headphones … it’s more complicated … but it was raised in the meeting as one of the issues. 

By the way, we’re told not everyone on the team feels this way — including Joe Staley. 

“Joe let Vernon know his opinion might be a little off,” one source tells us. 

As reported, the exchange got heated — but we’re told things did NOT turn physical. Vernon and Staley went outside and spoke minutes after the meeting and worked out their issues.

“They hugged each other and dapped each other up and everything was cool.”


Davis is denying everything, however. There are a few possibilities as to why.

  1. Multiple sources are lying to McLorg, Matt Maiocco, Matt Barrows and TMZ.
  2. Vernon is lying and thinks we’re dumb enough to believe him.
  3. Vernon’s memory is shot after suffering multiple concussions.

Here’s what he told reporters:

“I don’t where you got that from at all,” the 49ers tight end said Thursday. “It’s not my job or my role to call Kap out. I let the coaches do that. We’re all together. There’s nothing that could separate any of us. We’re inseparable, I would think. Me, Kap, Joe — we all communicate. We’re captains. We’re leaders of the team.”

That wasn’t all. Davis laid it on THICK.

“I love him. I think he’s awesome. He’s a great teammate. He’s a great person. And I just love being around him. I love his energy. He’s amazing.”

All that’s missing from this quote is Davis pining for another whiff of Staley’s musk. After all this gets sorted out, maybe he and Staley should get an apartment together. Although I’m not sure Staley would agree.

Apparently the 49ers left tackle was on 107.7 The Bone this morning.

And according to someone who claims to have listened, Staley said *something* occurred between the two longtime 49ers.

Admittedly, those tweets do not come close to equaling an actual “source.” Unfortunately, the interview isn’t on 107.7’s website and I haven’t heard back after requesting a downloadable file of this morning’s segment. But even if Staley never spoke to Lamont and Tonelli, I believe all of these sources about 1,000 times more than I believe Davis’ side of the story. And since we’re posting tweets, here’s one from Jennifer Chan, who’s been credentialed by the 49ers and reports on the team for Niners Nation.

Since McLorg heard about the arguments (according to his source, there was more than one), multiple sources confirmed the story to three major media outlets. People in the public eye are prone to deny everything until there’s video evidence, but it’s still silly that Davis won’t admit to a workplace argument, especially one that isn’t really all that bad given how these guys make a living. Football players get paid to hit each other, and they air their grievances in meetings all the time. No one expects every guy on a 53-man roster to get along all season.

Davis isn’t known among those covering the team for being honest and forthright. That’s why I laughed and rolled my eyes when he went on and on about Kaepernick in April, even telling reporters, “You guys are in for a treat.” With today’s denial, it’s obvious that Davis is about as believable as Alex Boone.

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