For one of the best teams in the NFL, things are kind of quiet on the San Francisco 49ers front lately. That’ll happen when:

  • The San Francisco Giants win the World Series.
  • The 49ers stifle the Arizona Cardinals one night later in a game that was never close, then go on bye.
  • We are literally smack dab in the middle of the NFL season.

But starting tomorrow afternoon, the second half the season gets underway and we’ll all forget this relatively quiet time. In just over a week they’ll be facing the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football, but first they need to destroy a team they had a little trouble with last season, the St. Louis Rams.

The 49ers are favored by double digits, which means this should be a pretty fun game to watch for Niners fans. That being said, you should come out and watch the game with us!

Where: The Boardroom, on Powell, between Green and Union (same place we’ve done our last two events, but this will be our first 49ers game)

When: The game starts at 1:25 pm, but we’ll be there a little before, watching the morning games wrap up.

Why: Because watching Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks chase Sam Bradford around with other boisterous fans is fun; The Boardroom has great food including bacon-wrapped tater tots (pictured); we’ll be giving out these koozies:

Check out our Facebook event page for more information, to invite friends or if you just want to see a picture of Jim Harbaugh. Hope to see you there!