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Welcome to the new BASG!

Notice anything different about me? I know, as guys we aren’t supposed to ask this question. But in this case, it’s OK, because we’re talking about technology!

Yep, the whole site has gotten a big old, Jerry Jones-style facelift. Luckily, instead of the sight looking freakish and completely disfigured, it’s much more attractive. It’s functional too, especially if you’re one of those Bay Area Sports Guys or Girls who have a lot to say (and let’s be honest, we all have a lot to say — it’s just that some of us type a little slower than others).

First off, comments aren’t hidden anymore. The beginning of each comment is shown on the sidebar, only there’s a catch: only the most recent comment is shown. So if you want the spotlight, you have to comment and then check back every 90 seconds and make sure nobody’s commented over your comment. Face it, you’re never going to be a professional musician, TV or movie star, so this is your best chance at fame other than your weekend “Rock Band” wars.

I bet you never knew the BASG was into graffiti, did you? That’s right, I’ve been tagging since the Run TMC days, word is bond. Or something. Just as important as what’s written on top of this amazing new site is what’s on the right side, which now includes a list of some of my favorite blogs. Please patronize them as often as possible (after posting one or two comments, of course).

All those other sites are great of course, but nothing beats reading BASG hot off the presses, I mean server. I recommend all of you click on “BASG-Mail” and get every BASG post sent directly to your email. C’mon, it’s a free subscription, and you don’t get any of those annoying perfume/cologne advertisements that stink up all your copies of Vogue, Mad Magazine and Cat Fancy.

My undying gratitude goes to those who helped create this masterpiece, a group of people much more technologically savvy than I. Mai Hoang was instrumental in putting the site together, formatting, re-formatting and re-re-formatting all the silly jokes, terrible predictions and Barry Zito-related complaints that make up this crazy site. Mai, you’re an absolute saint and I’m not sure why you’ve helped us out so much, but thank you.

Many thank-you’s also to Isidore from O-Desk, who designed the logo and broke us of our Simpsons addiction all at the same time. Hey, someone had to do it. I hear Matt Groening sues people faster than Al Davis and Chris Cohan combined if you aren’t careful. Ay carumba!!!

Of course Sports Girl Liz (BASG’s resident photo editor) put in tons of (unpaid) labor as well. I have a feeling I might have to watch an entire America’s Next Top Model to pay her back for all the work she did coordinating everything you see today. But you know what? Even though I might have to swallow my pride and somehow stay quiet with Tyra Banks on my TV, there’s no way I would have been able to accomplish what Mai, Isidore and SGL did on this re-design. It’s best for everyone if I let them handle the webpage face lift — I’ll take care of the Zito jokes.

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