Anthony Dixon

Anthony “Boobie” Dixon rapping = best Lasik commercial ever

I know I’m falling into a certain doctor’s trap by writing this post and providing him with free advertising, but with the 49ers gearing up to face the Saints I’m too “Lacobed up” not to talk about this.

Many of you sports radio-addicted folks out there have heard different San Francisco 49ers pimping Lasik eye surgery over the years. Mostly the commercials have been on the awkward side, especially when Zak Keasey’s commercial was still airing even after Keasey was released by the Niners.

The highlight of these ads so far? Some would name Joe Staley’s “Can I get a HOT DOG???” as their favorite, but I’m partial to Parys Haralson’s commercial … especially his complaint that contacts “made my eyes all red and itchy, like two goats in a pepper patch!”

That was pretty legendary. But now Parys has company, because Anthony Dixon (who’s a pretty fantastic Twitter follow, by the way) just dropped a verse that will rock the Lasik industry to its core. Okay, probably not, but it leads to a radio commercial as entertaining as his hairstyle. And compared with other local athletes who we’ve heard rap (Monta Ellis and Brandon Lloyd, I’m talking to you), Boobie’s short verse is up there with anything we’ve heard from Jay-Z, Biggie, 2Pac, Rakim, Nas or Ashkon.


“City by the sea never looked so good to me.” And I thought Huey Lewis and the News singing the anthem on Saturday was the only great 49ers-related musical news I’d hear all week.


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