Anthony Davis

49ers’ Anthony Davis creates new hashtag: #StopCohn

These guys aren’t fighting the same fight, but they’re definitely battling each other.

Grant Cohn’s weapon: blog posts

Cohn walked up to a certain San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman on the practice field today to see why the latter was so upset yesterday. They had a little chat, and Cohn recounted their discussion here:

SANTA CLARA – I followed up with Anthony Davis this morning and here’s what happened. As you recall he objected to a blog I wrote yesterday and tweeted about it.

While I was watching the Rookie mini camp on Friday, Davis sat next to the field with his good pal Mike Iupati to watch the action.

Davis and I made eye contact, so I walked over to him with a smile and said, “Anthony, you’re not mad at me.”

He did not smile. He looked at me with a sour expression. Iupati got up and walked away.

“Your article was garbage,” Davis said to me.

“Why do you feel that way?” I asked.

“You made everything up.” He responded.

“No I didn’t. I was watching closely. What did I make up?”

“I didn’t squeal like a child. I raised my arms and yelled ‘touchdown.’”

“It sounded like a squeal to me. And what’s so bad about squealing?” I asked. “Squealing signifies pure joy.”

“You made it seem like we’re on a playground,” said Davis. “We’re men at work.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way. I didn’t mean to challenge your manhood.”

At this point the P.R. staff said I wasn’t allowed to talk to players on the field, so I walked away.

I appreciate Davis’ feedback. I feel I’ve opened a line of communication with him. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Cohn seemed to believe he left things on a positive note. That feeling was not mutual.

Anthony Davis’ weapon: Twitter

This afternoon, Davis spent over an hour firing off a barrage of tweets and retweets against the Cohns. Almost all of these tweets have since been deleted, just like when Davis went off on the Press Democrat writer yesterday.

These first two tweets started it all:

Then came the hashtag (this is the only tweet that’s still up):

Davis was on such a roll, he even retweeted himself:

Davis also retweeted several who were sympathetic to his cause, including these and many, many others:

The insults kept coming:

Lil G, the based Cohn?

Not sure if someone asked Davis why he kept hammering Cohn, but he also had this to say:

Then Davis added a photo (draw your own conclusions):

I’m pretty sure this next tweet came from so many people mentioning Grant’s father to Davis in hopes of getting retweeted:

And that last remark may have been the one that woke up Papa Cohn (nice emoticon usage by Davis here):

Even though Davis deleted almost all of his Cohn-related tweets and retweets from Friday afternoon, this is (probably) far from over. Lowell Cohn already wrote a sarcastic blog post on Friday morning about yesterday’s incident, joking about how he’s going to punish his son:

FYI, as a penalty for upsetting Davis, Grant must do all the dishes at home for two weeks and I’ve taken away his car keys.

At least we can rest easy knowing Lowell won’t be placing Grant on restriction, although having your wheels taken away is pretty much the same thing. Luckily for me, my car keys are always safe because I finished paying off my Accord a year ago and my wife doesn’t know how to drive a car with a manual transmission. But I already do most of the dishes at Casa de BASG, even though I’ve never upset Davis or anyone else on the 49ers. If Grant doesn’t have to do any dishes at home he’s got a pretty sweet deal going. I wonder if I can renegotiate my contract.

One might argue that Lowell should’ve let his son fight his own battles, but there was no way that was going to happen. And the line about “dishes” and “car keys” was a nice way for Lowell to insert himself into this story and show everyone who has Grant’s back. Since Lowell’s in a protective mood, it’ll be fun to see how he responds after following Davis’ Twitter timeline this afternoon. We’ll probably find out on Saturday morning.

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