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49ers going back to the old uniforms … we think

While many will grab onto the news that the 49ers will under no circumstances (besides full-scale amnesia spreading throughout the entire Bay Area) sign Michael Vick once the NFL reinstates him, we already knew that. C’mon, a team in San Francisco letting a convicted dogfighter play the same position as Joe Montana and Steve Young? I witnessed multiple Dachshunds wearing sweaters this morning at Alamo Square Park, and the temperature outside was over 55 degrees.

The news that shocked me — in a good way — was an announcement the 49ers would have new uniforms next season that would be displayed on April 25. So in other words, the 49ers announced a future announcement.

The good news? It’s rumored the new uniforms will actually be the old ones, the duds that until 1996 the Niners had worn my entire life and even before then, the only threads that were ditched in 1996 in favor of the darker home jerseys and shinier pants that have brought such great success to San Francisco. What do you mean I’m too sarcastic? Geez, the 49ers went 12-4 in 2001, doesn’t that count for anything?!?!

I had a feeling the 49ers would go back to the throwbacks, especially given the overwhelming positive response whenever the team wore them at The Stick. Those uni’s even made a tearful Vernon Davis look good when Mike Singletary sent him to the showers in that loss to Seattle.

We’ve seen the classic home uniform a few times in the last couple years, but I’m just as excited about seeing the road uniforms as well if the Jed York regime indeed decides to go retro. The newer road uniforms with the white jersey looked fairly lame. Hardly a classic look or even slightly modern, the road uniforms weren’t particularly bad, they were worse: barely even noticeable. Of course that means the road duds were much like the 49ers themselves on the road over the last 13 years or so. While the old road uniforms reminded us of Joe Montana winning Super Bowls in domed stadiums, the newer roadies reminded fans of Ken Dorsey and Kevan Barlow.

So it’s good news indeed in Ninerland. No 49er-related protests at Civic Center and the classic uniforms are back (we think). You never know though, Andy Dolich’s announcement could be that the Niners are changing their colors to pink and white and declare next season “Breast Cancer Awareness Year.” Man, Garrison Hearst would be pissed. He just hates anything pink.

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